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Ready to radically up-level your Self Love?

Life is far too short not to love ourselves unapologetically. I believe in ditching the diets and instead really nurturing the relationship with your whole Self (body, mind and spirit). When you build a loving relationship with your Self EVERYTHING else starts to fall into place. 

It may feel like at times everything is falling apart but trust me when I say this: only in the falling apart can it realign and fall back together in a way that truly serves your highest good. Your future self is thanking you already for the steps you’re going to take to heal your relationship with your Self.

Are you ready to deepen your Self Love, grow in confidence and know your worth?


You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order.

If this is you, let me give you confirmation that you have found yourself in exactly the right place at the most perfect time. 

This is why I absolutely love doing what I do… because I have been there, where you are, so wishing for someone to guide me every step of the way. I invested thousands not only on my own healing and transformation journey but on fully accredited courses, practices and trainings so I could learn, grow and share everything I know with you.

When you choose to work with me, it’s not just me you’re working with as I fully believe and trust that I / we are being spiritually guided every step of the way. 


I allow my intuition to guide us through the sessions because this is where the true magic and profound breakthroughs can happen. When you’re directly linked in and attuned to source, God, the universe, whatever name you call it, you will have breakthroughs and be brought back into true alignment with your highest Self.

I will be there every step of the way whether it’s through one of our coaching sessions, a quick message or a voice note. I will be there supporting you, guiding you and helping you to find, trust and tap into your own internal wisdom and intuition.

I will be there with you, through it ALL, holding divine healing space for you as you master the art of loving and being unapologetically YOU in all your fabulous amazing glory.

Client love + appreciation

"I can now look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgust"

I used to struggle with very low body confidence and self-love but after a few short sessions together I can now look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgust. I welcome my emotions and allow myself to feel pain and love, by being present in the current moment instead of constantly worrying about the future. Thank you for letting me share honestly with you as I have been unable to do with the people who I live with. I felt completely true to myself, no holds barred and it was refreshing not to have to hide behind a persona that was created to fit in with people’s expectations of me. Being able to speak my truth and acknowledge my past trauma out loud in a voice that was being heard and not judged, has in fact quieted my mind – and for that I am eternally grateful

Aneesa patel

Here's How I Work...

I’m a multi-faceted coach, always drawn to deepening my own practice and expertise through new trainings I feel guided to. When I work with you, I am intuitively guided to use different tools and techniques from my different trainings which include Accredited EFT Tapping Practitioner (which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique or otherwise known as The Tapping Method), Somatic Movement Therapy, Belief Coding, Meditation, Visualisation, Dance, Yoga and other therapeutic and transformational practices. Let me explain a little more about each one…

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as The Tapping Method, uses a blend of modern psychology and ancient Chinese medicine. Specifically, from the Chinese medicine perspective we work with the meridian system which is like a massive network of pathways, channels or lines which carries ‘Qi’ (life force) energy to the whole body. These pathways help maintain balance, harmony and that feeling of good general health and wellbeing. Any imbalance can cause blocks in our meridians and therefore influence disease, sickness or other physical or mental problems. 

 Through the combination of tapping on specific meridian points (some of the same points used in acupuncture) and focusing on the negative emotional problem at hand, you can clear the blockage and restore balance and calm in your body and mind again. Tapping can be used on such a vast spectrum of different emotional and physical challenges from stress, fear, worry, anxiety to more severe problems like trauma, childhood trauma and phobias. You can use it to overcome anxiety, weight problems, chronic pain, sleep problems, stomach issues, chronic pain, lack of motivation, depression and negative emotional patterns and belief systems that don’t serve your highest good.

The list is honestly endless.

Grow a deeper connection to your whole Self (body, mind and spirit) through different somatic and embodiment practices. The aim through using somatic modalities is to help you heal from within so you can feel, heal and connect to the true wholeness of who you are.

When you can tap into the body’s innate intelligence within you, ‘your felt sense’ and bring attention and awareness to what you are emotionally connecting to internally, it allows space for the wisdom of your body to rise up and take centre stage, reprogramming your subconscious mind to beliefs and values that align with your truest self.

Create agency within your Self as you recognise your full potential and strengths; as you connect to your truth, know your boundaries; as you tap into what feels good and expansive in your body, create more ease and flow; as you work with your body instead of against it.

Through doing this work you will feel more connected to your truth, as you follow the wisdom from within you leading you on a path of fulfilment and experiencing life in all its wholeness.

Deeply build a loving relationship with your unique, beautiful and brilliant body and have agency over your whole  body-mind. Life is about growth and this work will definitely enhance your self-expansion journey so you can flourish into being the best version of you.

Belief Coding is a powerful therapy method that creates lasting change and transformation. It combines elements of Psychology, NLP, CBT, EFT, Meditation, Matrix Re-Imprinting, Emotion Coding, Kinesiology and Energy Healing to deliver fast and effective breakthroughs. Whether it’s trauma, limiting beliefs, phobias, anxiety or any other past hurts or pains, this methodology created by Jessica Cunningham will help you fully release, resolve and let go so you connect with the truth of who you are.

Every single experience you have been through has been stored in your subconscious and is the reason why specific patterns and beliefs may continue repeating themselves time and time again in your life.

Are you ready to break this cycle?

Belief Coding works with your subconscious and your body to create true healing and liberation by releasing subconscious beliefs. This is done by identifying the subconscious belief and trapped emotions, which show up as issues. Through using a different range of techniques, we will be able to access the wisdom of the body so it can reveal where these experiences were first created and developed into the limiting beliefs you now hold. This is where we can then work with the subconscious to release all emotional charge to create space to imprint a new, positive belief system that serves your highest good.

Meditation has so many benefits which help you to:

+ Feel more at peace, relaxed and present in this moment

+ Calm your nervous system

+ Regulate your breathing

+ Enhance brain and heart coherence

+ Reduce stress and anxiety

+ Helps you stay focused, productive and motivated

+ Improves your mood, relationship with yourself and others

+ Brings clarity and increases your attention span

+ Gives you the gift of being in THIS present moment

I will teach you simple techniques to really quiet your mind, focus on your breath so you can hear the still small voice of your intuition and higher self. Meditation has transformed my life and I can’t wait for it to do the same in yours. 

Visualisation is a powerful technique that helps you reach your goals and live your dreams.

It works by envisioning your true heart’s desires and feeling them in this moment as if they have already come true. 

Seeing all the finer details and the bigger picture of everything you want and claiming it as your reality right now.

When you meditate it helps you to connect to the vibration of the universe which is the very energy you need to be vibing on to attract and manifest your true hearts desires.

Get ready for amazing visions, mindset shifts and to welcome in ALL the things you want.

It’s already happening, I can feel it, you just need to claim it and receive it as your reality.

What is your heart desiring right now? See it as already yours and be grateful for it now.

Movement and dance is the best medicine you can give yourself to get out of your mind and into your body whilst having fun, experiencing deep healing and feeling profound shifts take place.

It releases tension from your body and connects you to the rhythm of your heart.

It helps with body confidence as you create loving connection, freedom and liberation in your body.

Deepens your relationship with your body as you connect in a way that feels good from the inside out.

Releases emotions, past hurts and pains, memories that your conscious mind can’t remember and it releases it all without word needing to be spoken.

It can help you to reach and be on the highest energy vibes creating happiness, lightness in your soul and a true feeling of wholeness.

It can be all the things; fun, heart-felt, transformational and bring profound connection to your body, mind and soul.

Are you ready to invest in YOU?

Have you come to a place where enough-is-enough and you’re ready to make some radical changes in your life to align with your highest truth?

Are you yearning to feel more spiritually connected and grow deeper roots on your spiritual awakening journey?

Are you dedicated and committed to truly heal the limited mindsets and beliefs you’ve been repeatedly living out in your life?

Are you ready to invest your time, energy and money into being the best version of you?

Are you ready to put your needs first, to get to know the truth of who you are and embark on your soul-led journey that will leave you feeling truly fulfilled, alive and on purpose with your true heart’s desires?

121 full immersion

I want it all...

If you read the below and FEEL a full body YES then I believe you are ready for this next step on your Self Love expansion journey.

You may feel nervous, excited, scared or totally content in this ‘knowing’ within you that is calling you for greater things in your life. 

I get it because I have been there, I remember committing to my first coach and investing all £££££s that at first made me feel a bit sick but hugely excited for the transformation I knew I was committing myself to. It’s good to feel this because it shows how important it is to you and how pivotal this next step is on your journey.

So my dear sister, this is the what I can offer you…



Click the link below.

Fill in the application form.

If we feel like a divine match a member of my team will contact you to arrange a quick 15 minute call to answer any of your questions and get everything in motion. I promise I’m not scary and will make you feel at ease straight away.

I only work with a select few amazing women at any one time so it’s really important that we both feel the energy synergy between us.

I can’t wait to connect and speak to you soon.

Lots of love

Sally x 

client love

"Best decision I ever made engaging with your coaching"

“Just wanted to give thanks, your work and passion has truly reignited the passion and fire on my journey and that is absolutely priceless. You should be so filled with confidence you are top notch at what you do.

Your essence and purpose is so heartfelt and light so pure. You are an absolute Goddess and the work you do will and is already reaching far and wide. Best decision I have made engaging with your coaching, and know how vital a part you were in bringing me to my fullest and truest self.”

Heather bamber