Seriously, how cold has it been recently? My teeth were actually chattering the other day and I couldn’t even stop them! It’s no wonder my winter wardrobe has somewhat doubled in size this year… I cannot resist the temptation of new snuggly clothes. The jumper and tee I’m wearing in these pics are from Next (Downtime Collection) and they’ve been great to relax in the house in and to help stop feeling that unforeseeable winter chill too, I’m so glad I had this beach blanket with us on this occasion though…brrrr. Have you heard of Vagabond before? If not, you won’t forget them once you’ve had a little peek at their gorgeous beach towels, each design has me seriously swooning. And, as an added bonus, they’ve got a ‘Instaworthy boho chic’ vibe going on.

This is the third night in a row now where I’ve been sat with my Macbook on my lap, pictures aplenty (as always) but my words… my words seem few at the moment. An idea always pops into my head when I’m driving or something and then when I actually come to writing about it I’m like, nah it’s a load of rubbish. Why is that? ‘Bloggers block’ perhaps?

My mind feels consumed with so many things at the moment, work is intense as we take on new jewellery brands and I also want to take the leap this year to design my own jewellery collection. We’ll still have to see about that but I feel pretty determined inside so that makes me think that it’s actually going to happen which is also pretty scary as well as pretty darn exciting!

Another thing on my agenda is we’re also trying to sell our house at the moment which is a right pain in the bum if I’m being honest as I’m forever having to tidy absolutely everything away, shoving things into wardrobes and quickly shutting the doors before anything escapes. I hate that feeling of things not being tidy behind closed doors but I literally have no time to sort everything out. I would feel so guilty if at the weekend I wanted to sort my wardrobe out instead of spending time with Hugo, so things are just going to have to remain a mess at the moment whilst my dream of a clutter free house continues.

Hugo is getting so clever now, another month and he’ll be a year and a half. My new little love of his… I absolutely ADORE the way he says ‘flower’ in THE softest little voice you’ve ever heard, I can’t help myself by pointing out every flower we walk past just to hear him say it on repeat hehe. He touches my nose non stop and every time he does, I have to say ‘beep beep’ and he’d do it to you if he met you. I’m not sure why I’ve started writing about this now but every little development he makes I am so bloomin’ proud and I could watch him go about his daily business all day. I’ll never forget the comedian Dylan Moran saying children are like little miniature drunks, yabbering on to themselves and falling over non stop… it’s so true haha!

Anyway it’s time for me to stop yabbering on and to get some shut eye. Have a great week my lovelies and thanks so much for stopping by!

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