Outfit blurb

My outfit – Duffle Coat : Gloverall | Beany : M&S | Jeans : H&M | Boots : Zara | Changing Bag : My Nest Designs
Hugo’s outfit – Duffle Coat : Gap | Beany : Zara | Jeans : Gap | Boots : H&M
I received this traditional duffle coat last week from Gloverallย and it’s surpassed all my expectations; in fact it’s probably now my favourite coat.ย I’ve worn it more or less every day, apart from days where I think I really must switch up my outfit a bit as I’m looking like I haven’t changed my clothes for two weeks. I think one of the secret reasons I also love it is because I get to match my little Huggles too, he obviously pulls this look off a million times better than me though for sure. It’s made mostly of wool which explains why it keeps me oh so warm and snuggly and the fact that it’s also made in England I think is the secret as to why it’s been extra perfect for our British rainy weather we’re having non stop at the moment. Kids and cream though, I thought I was being super risky in opting for this colour BUT so far so good, even with Hugo’s muddy shoes brushing against it I’ve managed to quickly wipe it off with a baby wipe and just like that it’s as good as new.
While we’re talking about outfits, I don’t think I’ve introduced you to this brand yet butย My Nest Designs offer such gorgeous baby ranges and beautiful luxury items for the modern day mama too. The changing bag that you see in the photos above is from here, which I’ve also used many a time as a normal handbag too for work or the odd occasion I’m without Hugo. Made from leather and canvas material, it’s easy to wipe clean and honestly, above everything, I love how stylish and compact it is as a changing bag and literally goes with everything in my wardrobe.

Let’s talk about life…

Recently Hugo has been wanting to walk more and more which I’ve been relishing as it makes him so happy and every time he walks somewhere new he has this huge smile on his face that oozes with… ‘Yeah, check me out, I’ve just accomplished that with my own two feet!’. We’ve now gone from supermarket shopping with Hugo in the trolley to supermarket ‘Hide & Seek’ as he toddles off hiding behind shelves and racks, the little monkey. I thought I’d squeeze in this last blog post before Christmas and it may actually be my last one for 2015 as I fancy giving myself a little break from laptops every night and just enjoying snuggles on the sofa without any bright flashing screens in front of my face. I’m just about to pop the mulled wine on and start wrapping a mountain of presents… ’tis the season to be jolly… fa la la la laaa, la la la la!
To finish I just want to wish you the happiest of Christmases and the most fabulous of New Years! Thank you so much for all your love and support always, I feel so blessed that you take the time to read these blog posts and take an interest in our little lives over here.
Much Love and Merry Christmas!
Sally & Hugo

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