My Mother’s Day mantra:
Being a mum is…to love unconditionally. No one tells you to or even how to, it’s just born as soon as your child is born and you naturally want to do the best you can for this precious gift. It can be tough and very tiring at times but you have to be honest with yourself and others as no one has a perfect life. Being a mum for me is the best job in the world and the only job that gives me this much fulfilment. I feel so eternally blessed to have him. I just pray that God will continue to protect him all the days of his precious life.






Our little family trio.
 Hugo: Moccasins : BabyMocks || Outfit : Mamas&Papas || Flat cap : Tesco
Me: Heels : Zara || Skirt : H&M || Top : M&S || Jewellery : Missoma from Concepts by Tienne

Wow my first Mother’s Day and what a lovely day it was. I was woken up by my lovely hubby with a kiss and cuddles from Hugo. Although it wasn’t breakfast in bed Ayman had cooked breakfast downstairs which consisted of a gluten-free pancake and a cooked breakfast which left me bursting at the seams. Good job we only had a three course meal awaiting us a few hours later hey. As we stayed at my in-laws we celebrated the day over in their neck of the woods & my mum and her partner joined us too. I do feel lucky that my mum and mum-in-law get on so well as it’s nice we can share special days like this altogether. 

I thought as it was Mother’s Day you may be interested to learn a little more about the woman who’s writing all this, who I am and what I’m about? (I’ll try and keep it short).

My family: I come from a very large family, altogether I have two sisters and four brothers, some are half so we didn’t all live in the same house but nonetheless I’m used to having lots of people around me. I now also have four beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew but Hugo is still the youngest amongst them all by 10 weeks. I would say that I’m closer to my mum especially since I grew older as it turned into more of a friendship. My dad mostly lives in the Dominican Republic so I don’t get to see him very much these days.

Health: I was diagnosed with coeliac disease when I was 22 which meant from that moment on I had to cut out all gluten (basically anything with wheat in it) from my diet. Some people think this is just an allergy but there is no cure… only prevention… which means cutting it out of your diet or else it could lead to a much more serious illnesses like stomach cancer. My sister Laura also has it so we call ourselves the coeliac sisters haha.

Food: I love nutella, I put teaspoons of it on a plate, melt in the microwave and then eat it with my fingers like a big kid, I sometimes add a little peanut butter too, it’s soooo naughty but oh so yummy! On the same note I basically love all chocolate and sweets so you may as well call me the honey monster. Houmous and sweet chilli sauce are my favourite condiments I generally put with any meal.  

Hobbies: I love to dance and shake what my mama gave me. I’m really into buggyfit at the moment too, it’s a great work-out and then us mamas enjoy having a natter over a coffee whilst feeding our babes afterwards.

Education: I studied dance teaching and performance at uni and then got a scholarship to do my masters in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing: Connections to the living body, I received a First in both. My masters was similar to Dance Movement Therapy and concentrated on looking at the body from an inner perspective and bringing healing from within. It was one of the most wholesome years of my life. I’m starting to lead classes again soon which I’m looking forward to, as I have a real heart for building women’s confidence in who they are and how they perceive themselves. 

Career: I now work in my family jewellery business, we have three shops and one on-line Concepts by Tienne and we have plans to grow the business even more which is exciting, so I’m always on the hunt for new modern jewellery brands to stock.

Faith: In my nearly 28 years of life I’ve been through quite a lot of trauma, maybe not as bad as some people but enough where at times I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom emotionally. The one constant thing that has been my rock through everything is God and strangely it’s at those real tough times where I’ve felt his presence most, almost like he’s scooped me up every time and carried me through it. To live by his grace has been one of the best decisions of my life and I know that whatever I do in life he’s got my back. Am I on the journey that God intended for my life? I have no idea but I know he works with wherever you’re at and I just pray that he’ll continue to lead me to wherever he wants to take me opening and closing the right doors along the way. 

Love: My husband Ayman and I have been together 10 years this year and married 3 years next week. We first met outside a takeaway on a night out, he offered me some of his chips but that was it much to my dismay (I couldn’t stop thinking about him). After that we bumped into each other another two times and on the third time outside the same takeaway he asked for my number. He asked me on a date and the rest is history. I would actually say it was love at first sight as cheesy as that sounds!

Who takes my photos: I take the majority of them, close ups of Hugo and I, I’ve often taken as a selfie I hate to admit it but sometimes I use a selfie stick too, far away photos my husband takes. We’re both not photographers but through trial and error I guess we’ve both sharpened our skill set slightly. 

Music: To name a few…Ben Howard, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Alt J,  Mike Dignam, Beyonce. I’m a fan of the acoustic chill out vibes as well as songs with a really good bass, anything that makes me want to move basically!
Fashion: I’d probably say that since being on maternity oversized jumpers and wavy hair are slowly becoming my trademark look. Sometimes I’m all about layers especially in the winter but then I also have that approach of less is more with a more minimal look. I’m a big fan of delicate pieces of jewellery teamed with an oversized shirt or jumper however in the summer I’m all about that boho vibe too!
Instagram: I think I’ve had Instagram for just over two years now and low and behold I was addicted to it straight away. Ever since I was little I’ve been obsessed with taking photos, I used to buy those throw away cameras and get the photos printed and stick them all over my bedroom wall. My wallpaper would literally be photos. So it was no surprise that I loved Instagram as much as I do now. I see it as my little artist palette, I look at my feed and think right I need something not so fussy there or a close up next, the list goes on. My followers definitely motivate me as I feel so uplifted everyday on it. I do have moments where I ask myself if I should be putting Hugo on it so much and l get scared about the negatives… however so far the blessings that come from Instagram far outweigh any negatives I have had. This will always be ongoing battle for me though, however it helps that so many other mums do it as that’s what inspired me to do it in the first place.

Well, I think that’s enough about me for one post, I could go on but I don’t want to bore you anymore! If there’s any specific questions you want to ask me about anything then please feel free to leave a comment. I know a lot you generally leave them on my Instagram which is good as I’m more active on there or you can leave them below, whichever. 

Thanks for reading and stopping by… I’m going to post another soon more based on Hugo’s progress, so until then make it a fabulous one darlings!

Lots of love 
Sally & 6 month Hugo

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