It seems that autumn is gracing us with its beauty a little later this year after a somewhat Indian summer. I don’t know what it is, or why, but I am so ready for autumn to fully kick in this year. If someone were to ask me what my favourite season is fashion wise, I think I may opt for that middle ground between autumn and winter as I love layering and feeling oh so cosy on the inside but breathing in the cold crisp air with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and my man’s hand in the other… I’m also a total sucker for treacle toffee!


When FatFace asked if I wanted to put together a few autumnal looks from their latest collection I immediately envisioned shots being taken in a big tree-lined park where the leaves had turned to a burnt orangey brown and the paths become carpets of golden red leaves in hazy, dusky hue. Well… when we arrived at the park it was such a warm late summer’s day and what I had imagined wasn’t quite what we had in store. The trees were still vividly green and there were no sign of crunchy, leaf-strewn walkways just yet. I was a little disgruntled… here I was on a glorious day bemoaning the climate and wishing it to be overcast at the very least. Hugo was acting up and being a general menace but I was adamant to try and bring to life just an element of what I had in my mind.

Looking at my house of dreams pictured below softened the blow a little and Hugo finally gave in and gave me a big kiss – things can only get better right?


First outfit:

Corley Roll Neck Jumper

Charlotte Denim Dress

Whitby Knee High Boots

In these pictures I layered a roll neck jumper under the denim dress and teamed it with a pair of knee high brown leather boots.

As the weather starts to turn a little colder I will no doubt slip on a pair of tights too. I opted for this dress because I thought it would also be great as the bump gets bigger as it feels lovely and spacious and super comfy to wear. The boots may I add have been SO comfy too; the leather is super soft and supple. I’ve worn them with skinny jeans quite a lot and I love how autumnal they look.


After leaving the park and not really finding the enchanting woodland backdrop I was hoping for, we drove around a little and after a few back streets we found this gem of a wall behind a pub of all places. You would never know but we had to move a couple of bins to free up this beautiful space – the things you do for a backdrop hey haha. Totally worth it though as I love the long bountiful branches and how they were beginning to turn that gorgeous crimson red.


The finishing touches…

I popped on this lovely warm suede coat and oversized scarf to complete this look. I don’t think you can actually get any more autumnal than this?!


Outfit numéro deux

Katie Embroidered Longline Blouse (now nearly half price so be quick!)

Soft Brushed Super Skinny Jeans

Oake Heel Ankle Boots

I can’t tell you how much I love love LOVE this top! I have worn it a gazillion times already and get so many compliments every time I wear it. It’s perfect for whether you’re pregnant or not as the flattering tie at the waist makes it looks that extra bit more feminine. If you are pregnant then the tie bit expands leaving plenty of space as your rib cage also expands. Also it covers the tops of my thighs which is always a winner for me 🙂 .

I took these photos around the start of September so this blog post has been a long time coming and unfortunately I’m no longer in these jeans any more but I can’t wait to get back into them at some point after the baby has been born.


A lot of people have asked me if I’ve told Hugo about the baby and I have, we couldn’t wait to tell him and over the months to try and talk more about him being a big brother. Also the fact that it helps explain why he can’t just jump on my stomach and treat my body like some sort of bouncy castle. As my belly is starting to grow more with each week passing Hugo is definitely noticing as he points to my stomach and says ‘baby!’ I can’t wait until the moving and kicking begins so he can feel the baby for himself… maybe he’ll have some sort of sixth sense as to whether he’s going to have a little brother or sister. We are so excited to find out as we didn’t find out in advance with him.


This was me just before my 12 week scan, I’m now a month on and have a quite a lot more baby bump there.


The thought that I’m going to feel this kind of love all over again blows my mind every time I think about it. Won’t my heart just explode with too much love?

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a lovely week and fill your days with something that makes you smile every day.

Lots of love



With special thanks to FatFace for sponsoring me on this blogpost, I feel honoured to have built up such a lovely relationship with their team and I’m genuinely a full supporter of their brand. I would never endorse anything I wouldn’t buy myself, all thoughts and opinions are my own.