Are you ready to heal your heart, reconnect to your feminine power and awaken your divine intuition?

You are invited to come home to your most authentic self in a safe, loving, and supportive environment surrounded by other like-minded women in Sally’s intimate gatherings for women.

What are women's sister circles?

These are beautiful and sacred ceremonies where together we will journey into ourselves to connect with our feminine essence, and also share our wisdom through our own stories and experiences.

Sister Circles allow us to collectively heal the wounded feminine that has occurred after centuries of systematic abuse and oppression.

Being surrounded by powerful women on their journey to self-love allows you to connect deeply and share your own unique medicine to heal even more. Through age-old rituals and ceremonies, you will create lasting and powerful change in your life and the lives of your sisters.

Ready to Join Our Next Women's Circle?

Sally currently offers monthly women’s circles in Preston, Lancashire (UK) as well as online via Zoom. During the summer months Sally also hosts impromptu women’s circles on the beach not far from Preston or Blackpool, in the North West, UK, these are always organised last minute as they’re weather dependent.

"I will definitely be attending future Sister Circle classes as they have been a huge benefit to me."

I recently attended one of the Sister Circle events. It was my first time attending and Sally made me feel so relaxed and welcome. I was really anxious about attending the event at first but Sally put me at ease so much that I left the class feeling so revived and rejuvenated.
I am so grateful to Sally for holding such a safe and inspiring place for like-minded women to share and bond in a safe space without fear of judgement. I love the fact we are encouraged to just let go of any emotions or thoughts that do not serve us and for the opportunity to look deep within ourselves.
I would highly recommend Sally if you have been feeling low or lost and really need some guidance and self care. I will definitely be attending future Sister Circle classes as they have been a huge benefit to me.
— cheryl sweetnam

You're not alone

Who are Sister Circles for?

These are for you if you are ready to…

💛 Commit to doing deep inner work to light up your shadows and allow love in to the most unlovable parts of you

💛 Grow in compassion and love to live a life beyond your wildest dreams

💛 Embrace being a part of a larger collective of like-minded spiritual babes

💛 Open your heart and mind to radical healing and transformation

💛 Awaken to your divine feminine intuition and start putting yourself first

💛 Raise the consciousness and empowerment of women all over the world

💛 Embrace every part of who you are and rise in radical self-love

Receive incredible love, sisterhood, and support from a group of like-minded women all looking to grow in self-love.

Empowered women empower women

connect with other
like-minded women

& transform your

Have fun, let go & tap into your authentic nature

from surviving to thriving

rise in your
be Empowered

What's included in a women's circle:

attention! did you know...

Sally also creates bespoke Women's Circle Packages for different occasions

Ever thought about having a bespoke women’s sister circle for a hen do, birthday party, baby shower or just for an epic get-together with the closest women in your life? These are also great for teenagers and girls who want to do something a little different than the usual birthday party and of course Sally will help the main Queen or Princess feel so super duper special and empowered on her special day. 

Contact for more details and see how Sally can create the most beautiful and unique experience just for you. 

How much does it cost to attend a Sister Circle Gathering?

Each in-person Women’s Circle in Preston is £30 (or £25 early-bird) to attend, and each online circle is £20, sessions are 2 hours long.

Here’s what you need to bring with you…

✨Journal & pen

✨Comfortable clothing that you can relax and stretch/move in

✨A yoga mat or blanket (only online, we provide these in-person)

✨A candle to light (only online, we provide these in-person)

✨Any crystals or other objects that you like to bring as part of your ritual practice

✨Ceremonial hot cacao drink to help open your heart (optional)

✨ Your beautiful self

Feel supported, seen, heard and entirely accepted for being imperfectly and perfectly YOU

Meet your host

About Sally...

Sally Fazeli is a multi-certified Women’s Empowerment facilitator and Somatic Movement Expert who helps women open their hearts and receive all of the abundance they desire.

Through breathwork, conscious movement, and radical self-love, Sally helps women to heal the subconscious roots of their wounding so they can embrace a world of feminine confidence and radiance. Sally allows women to move from a scarcity mentality of fear and self-doubt to a place of magical manifestation.

Are you ready to open your heart and claim your divine right to spiritual abundance among a group of like-minded goddesses?

Don't miss out

It's Time To Open Your Heart

We want this to be an intimate experience, so there is a limited number of spots available.

Sign up now to reserve your space in the next Sister Circle

Imagine the Possibility

The ripple effect of Women's Circles

Sister Circles help to create a strong sense of connection not only to the women involved in this ceremony but to the collective of women globally across the planet who are also participating in this conscious work.

We do this work not just for ourselves but for ALL women across the globe, especially those where it’s not safe to voice their truth and be empowered as a woman. When one woman heals and stands in her truth, the ripple effect flows into the rest of the world. There is never such a poignant moment than NOW to do this work, to heal our wounds, to activate our voice and rise in our authentic truth. 

Let’s do this together as we gather in a magical setting where we can build a deep sense of connection to allow healing, transformation, and growth to take place in our lives.

Every woman is invited and welcome in our Sister Circles. We value accessibility, inclusion and celebrate diversity.

Do you have Another question?

We love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Women’s Circles Sally offers. You can email us directly at and we’ll respond within 24 business hours.

what These Queens say...


“Sally always creates a safe space for everyone to open up, enabling everyone to feel comfortable. It really is a time filled with self-love and healing.”

— Tiphanie Parry

“Sally is such an open, accepting and beautiful soul. Her offerings are truly enriching and create a spiritually connective experience, filled with so much love and positivity. I felt deeply connected to myself and blessed to be alongside such strong supportive women.”

— rebecca

I can honestly say that it was a life-changing experience beyond expectation. I was introduced to mindfulness practices, connecting with the body and soul though movement and action, provided with the tools to recognise my inner voice and trusting my intuition to become the master of my own higher purpose. Sally is a refreshingly honest, compassionate, and inspiring human being, she holds a space with such gentleness and ease. 

— Aneesa