The moment we found out it’s a BOY!

This miracle came into our lives on the 16th September after a long two and a half days of labour. Eventually he was born at 4.32am weighing 9lb 15oz and 62cm long with the help of forceps as his shoulders got a little stuck and his head was facing the wrong way. I cannot begin to describe to you this overwhelming feeling of meeting your child for the first time after carrying it for nine months. The love is in another realm! One thing I am so glad about is that I was so open-minded about the birth as if I’d have made a birthing plan it would have all gone down the drain and I do think sometimes it can add extra pressure if it isn’t going the way you hoped.
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I fell in love with these chunky little legs immediately…
The first of many animal outfits… Hugo the hungry hippo.
We arrived home on the 19th September, such a surreal moment stepping into our home with a new little edition… it was a ‘what do we do now?’ kind of moment.
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Being a crocodile for the day and mummy couldn’t help being a little snap happy – he just looked so cute.
Hugo just out of the bath looking so snuggly my heart bursts with love <3
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He moved into 3-6 month clothes when he sported this Panda outfit at only 3 weeks old.
He loves his baths… just not getting out of the bath!
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Hand knits keeping him cosy warm.
Mother and son selfie.
Just how gorgeous at nearly six weeks old.
One of his favourite places just chilling over mummy’s shoulder.
His uber cool outfit from Mamas & Papas.
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Panda outfit two on 31st October.
His first smile at Daddy, 1st November in his sixth week. Our baby ‘app’ told us to expect smiles around six weeks so he was right on cue.
TK Max & Zara baby
These eyes… so now you know what keeps me busy all day, just looking at him, I can’t take my eyes off him!
Ooh this cheeky little boy, I just love his playful side.
He’s totally not fazed by the camera either…
Oliver Bonas
Big yawn, it’s a tough life eating, playing and sleeping all day at 7 weeks.
One of his many faces I love
There’s that big smile again that gets me every time.
Just perfect in every way.
Mamas & Papas and Boots
Keepin’ it real at 8 weeks
My fave… those big blue eyes have got his mummy wrapped round his little finger!
These are just a small selection of the mountain of photos I have taken of Hugo but I hope it’s given you a little more insight into my life right now. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I really am trying to savour every moment as they go so fast. I’m going to do another post soon on the things that have been amazing in these first two months too… so watch this space if you need recommendations in this area!
Lots of love
Sally & Hugo

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