Hands up if you ever dressed in the same outfit as your sibling (with or without your consent haha)?

Or if you’re an only child, hands up if you ever arranged to dress in exactly the same outfit as your best friend on non-uniform days?

I can proudly put my hands up to both of these!

When my mum used to dress me in the same clothes as my big sis Laura, it made me feel pretty cool… like I was a toddler-turn-teenager. My sister on the other hand used to stomp about furious that we were sporting the exact same outfit as it was clearly damaging her street cred – no matter how cute people said we looked!

At primary school with my best friend Stef, as soon as there was even a whisper of non-uniform day coming up, we were drawing up plans on a synchronised outfit for this momentous day. I remember so vividly that for two ‘Red Nose Days’ (for non-UK readers, this is a regular children’s charity day where you make a donation and get to wear your own clothes at school) we wore the same vibrant outfit: red jeans and a white t-shirt with a big red tomato on it that changed to yellow when your body temperature increased! Do you remember those ‘magical’ kind of clothes? I don’t think they make them anymore… such a shame haha.

For me – when I think back to these times – they bring back so many happy memories. I’m even smiling now just reminiscing these moments. Twinning is definitely winning in my book.

It’s a feeling of solidarity and unity… that you’re both in the same team so-to-speak. Though as you get older, twinning in the same outfits as a friend is generally a no-go isn’t it? It did happen at my wedding where one of Ayman’s cousins turned up in more-or-less the same dress that all our bridesmaids were wearing so clearly everyone thought she was a bridesmaid too! Oh and just quickly while we’re on this subject I absolutely love how my friend Jules and Xanthe wore the same dress recently at a flower event but instead of trying to dart away from each other so no-one would notice, they totally embraced it and ‘Boomeranged’ their day away haha – that’s what you call girl power if you ask me.

Okay, so you get the gist of where this is going… two little handsome brothers only means one thing when it comes to dress code in this family and that’s complementary outfits! I can’t get enough of them as you may have seen from my Instagram :D. They just look too adorable together and what gets my heart racing even more is that Hugo absolutely loves it too. So while he does – and before he adopts that ‘too cool for school’ mentality that all kids eventually pick up – I’m going to soak up all these gorgeous matching outfits on my boys and what better than some personalised matching outfits from My 1st Years.

As you can see from their website, they have simply loads of gorgeous items to choose from for both boys and girls ranging from newborn right up to the age of six. They also do a lovely selection for adults too – yep you may see some of these appearing in this post too hehe.

Personalised fluffy robes and little brother / big brother baby grow and tee

How gorgeous and fluffy are these personalised robes?! I always think that white on both girls and boys looks so clean and classic and I think they look so super cute in them. So much so I had to squeeze myself in-between to have a snuggle myself…

Personalised complementary star PJs and star babygrow

Just look at the way Hugo and Remy are fixated; this mini band of brothers are already obsessed with each other. Budding besties in the making right there and one very soppy and emotional mother looking on.

The Queen with her two Princes 🙂

To save you scrolling back to the top again here are all the items I picked for the boys and I. I’m kicking myself I didn’t get the King t-shirt for Ayman now as that would have made the photo totally complete! Maybe a thought for Father’s day – not sure if he’d appreciate though!

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My 1st Years doesn’t just have personalised clothing lines by the way, they have gorgeous personalised furniture, toys, keepsakes and lots of other things that are perfect for that special gift too. I’ve been well aware of this brand for a couple of years now and you won’t be short of ideas on their website, that’s for sure.
I have my eye on some of the furniture pieces next for Hugo’s room! How gorgeous is this chest to keep all his toys in? And this kitchen. OK I’m going to stop now…it ALL goes with the colour scheme in Hugo’s room and I’ll soon be guilty of overkill!

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Love Sally


This post was kindly sponsored by My 1st Years. As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only blog about brands, products and services that I truly connect with, would genuinely use, and would legitimately recommend to others.