After carrying a baby for nine months and going through a tough labour there really is no better feeling than holding your beautiful baby in your arms. And even though it’s all more than worth it in the end, I still think that every mother is entitled to some sort of recognition for everything they’ve been through both physically and mentally. I am, of course, talking about a ‘push present’ 🙂

If a guy grunts at or questions this – “a push present?” – I recommend a swift kick in the ‘you know what’ and explain how labour is equivalent to that but turned up 100 notches! Men clearly have no idea what labour is like (not their fault, granted) and I doubt that the male contraction tests seen on YouTube are a true reflection of what we go through… they’re certainly entertaining though!

Anyhow you get my gist; it’s a tough slog for us girls and a little gift to mark the occasion wouldn’t go amiss.

For me the best kind of push present is something that reminds me of the journey that my baby and I have been on, right from the very start of my pregnancy to the bundle of joy in my arms – and there is nothing quite like a personalised gift. When Hugo was born, Ayman bought me a locket and put a little photo of him and Hugo in it; the only problem was I couldn’t wear it in the shower as water would seep inside… and with me being slightly lazy in not wanting to take my jewellery off all the time it has ended up not being worn as much as I’d like. Following Remy’s arrival into the world, Missoma kindly gave me a lovely present that is perfect for me and the kind of person I am.

It’s a personalised necklace with both Remy’s and Hugo’s initials engraved on it and a little boy bracelet that was also personalised with their initials. From the day I received them I haven’t taken them off! It was also the perfect Mother’s Day gift too as I gave birth just the day before :).


Although this jewellery has proven perfect for push presents and Mother’s Day, once you’ve had a look at Missoma’s range you’ll soon realise there is something for pretty much any occasion whether to give to a friend, family member or even something special to wear to remember someone by.

Disclaimer! I hate sounding too ‘pluggy’ on my blog, especially when I’m so genuinely excited to share something with you guys but for those who have been following my blog for some time you’ll know that Missoma is one of my all-time favourite jewellery brands. We go wayyyyyy back! I’ve been a bit of a fangirl for years now and I love how they keep growing from strength-to-strength yet they are still quite a small independent jewellery brand that are yet to be discovered by so many.

Reasons why I love the Missoma brand:  I adore their stylish yet timeless designs, their amazing selection of delicate gold pieces which are also available in silver FYI, how they’re perfect for layering or to wear on their own, and the quality of their jewellery is amazing; I should know as it’s stood the test of time on numerous holidays and general everyday life.

Here are some newborn photos of Remy where you can see some of my other Missoma pieces too:

These are the pieces I have from their latest collection:

Gold Boy Bracelet

Personalised Gold Round Necklace

Gold Mini Molten Necklace

Gold Double Nugget Ring

Gold Molten Ring


If you are interested in buying anything from Missoma, it’s well worth signing up to their newsletter so you can get 10% discount (Just click on the ‘sign up‘ box on the home page).

Finally I just wanted to quickly mention that packaging, in my opinion, is a huge reflection of the kind of brand you’re buying into and Missoma certainly don’t hold back on this. Their boxes are BEAUTIFUL and just makes the whole thing that little bit more special when it comes to opening it. It’s those kind of boxes you don’t throw away.

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Thanks so much for reading and stopping by and hopefully it’s given you some food for thought for when it comes to your next jewellery purchase :).

Lots of love



I’m very proud to say that this post was in collaboration and sponsored by Missoma, all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always 🙂