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To be in with a chance of winning your very own personalised Thomas Sabo bracelet and one for your mum then continue reading…

Let me introduce you to my beautiful mama bear

Before I even begin to write this post I have prepared the tissues to hand because I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I REALLY think about my mum and everything she has done for me and sacrificed, my heart overflows with love and emotion. My mum hasn’t had the easiest of lives and ended up at the age of 27, through no fault of her own, a single mum with three kids, no home, no job. I had just been born. Boy, I can only imagine what must have been going through her mind at this time… to say the word scary would be a huge understatement. To put it in perspective I’m 28, have one child, house and mortgage, full time job and a wonderful husband who supports me through and through… I’m actually pretty darn lucky!

My mum ended up finding a house in a lovely rural village not far from where I live now, and an amazing job with the police as Road Safety Advisor. They obviously saw how special my mum was as she flourished in her role and became an integral part of administrating road safety endorsements across the region. Gaining more confidence gradually and starting to believe in what she’s capable of, my mum eventually met, married and had another baby. However a few short years after, it became apparent that this man – who was my step dad – was not the person my mum had originally met and to be honest it was the best decision she could have made to become a single mum of, now, four. It goes without saying my mum buried her head hard in work to provide for us so we still had food on the table, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in. She sacrificed being able to spend time with us so she could play mummy and daddy in one role. At the time I used to hate that she was never there at the school gates and I had to go to my dreaded child minder who bored the life out of me everyday. But it’s now in my later years I truly understand why she had to do that and how her heart must have been tugging everyday when she knew all we really wanted was her.

This backpack with a removable safety rein is from Pramworld here, I can't recommend it enough - Hugo loves it and so do I!This backpack with a removable safety rein is from Pramworld here, I can’t recommend it enough – Hugo loves it and so do I!

Now into my teenage years, finally my mum met the love of her life, Chris, the man with THE biggest heart you’d ever know. He would do anything for anybody even if it totally put him out of his way and the best thing about him was he did everything with a willing heart. Everything was done graciously and never with a moan – he was the perfect gentle giant. He was the best step dad I could have asked for, he was the first man to ever treat my mum like the princess she is and everyone saw just how in love they were. He was my mum’s happy and she was definitely his, the complete apple of his eye. My throat is choking up now because I rarely let myself think about Chris in too much depth these days because I could cry on tap with how much I miss him and how I so wish he could have met Hugo. Sadly in September 2012 just after their 10 year anniversary Chris suffered a sudden aneurysm and unexpectedly died. I will never forget that night where Chris left a huge hole in our family and our hearts. The only thing that gives us some sort of peace now is that he’ll be living the party up in heaven and one day we will meet again.


Three and a half years on and my mum is good, I’m so proud of her for everything she’s achieved and to keep on wanting to try and live life to the full. She of course misses Chris so much everyday but she’s not one of those who will wallow in her self pity and tries to be as positive as she can. I know she has times where she really struggles and I don’t blame her. But the best thing she could have ever have done is to have us four children as we all completely adore her and it’s now our turn to look after her.

Some of you already know this but I feel extra lucky because I get to see my mum a lot more than the usual mother and daughter relationship because I work with her. We have one full Pandora store, three multi-brand jewellery stores and an online jewellery store all under the name of Tienne. As a family business with my sister-in-law Joy too, we strive to constantly excel ourselves in the jewellery industry and seek new and beautiful lines. This year we’re super excited as we’re working on some of own designs! A big, exciting step into the unknown.

My mum gave me this wall art at Christmas and the words are so beautiful and everything I want to instil into Hugo,

To finish, being a mum myself, it’s only now that I truly understand just what it means. It’s not just a name, it’s a commitment, an unsigned contract because you’d do it anyway, a love unbeknown to anything else. I’d do anything for Hugo without thinking of the consequences it has on me, I’m his daily teacher, his best friend and playmate, his feeder, cleaner, provider, his love support when he wants an ‘ugg’ as he says it… FYI that’s ‘hug’ in Hugo’s language. We as mothers are EVERYTHING to that child. Remember though that we are not supernatural; we’re only human and it’s OK to make mistakes and build on those to make a better and brighter future.

What I engraved on mine and my mum’s bracelet for an early Mother’s Day treat…

On my mum’s I engraved  A  L  S  M  to represent her four fabulous children Adam, Laura, Sally & Michael. My mum was absolutely over the moon about it and kept saying how much she loved it whilst we were on our walk. On mine I have  H u g o  engraved on it so I can be reminded of him wherever I go. It’s only when I started wearing it did I realised how attached I am to it already… my new favourite piece of jewellery. 
Now with Mother’s Day just over a week to go on the 6th March it’s now…

Giveaway Time

This Mother’s Day, because it’s such a big occasion and we want to celebrate just how fabulous and beautiful mothers are, we are giving one of my lovely followers the chance to win not one but TWO Thomas Sabo Lovebridge bracelets so you can have one as a mum yourself and also for your own mum. Not only that but I will personally engrave them for you and get a picture to prove it and upload it on social media tagging your name! Please feel free to enter even if you’re not a mum; we just want to share the love to all of you this Mother’s Day!


To be in with a chance of winning please follow these guidelines…

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That’s it – I will announce the lucky random winner on Thursday 3rd March… all entries go into a spreadsheet and we use http://www.random.org to select a random row number which will reveal the winner.
Only open to UK entrants unfortunately as we haven’t sorted insured postage yet across the seas but we hopefully will soon :).


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Thanks so much for stopping by and a huge GOOD LUCK everyone!!

Lots of love

Sally x