It was one of those weekends away that we didn’t realise just how much we needed it until we were there. Technically it was our first proper getaway just the three of us and when I say ‘technically’ I mean since Hugo has become more mobile and ‘into’ things. It was more than perfect, a memory that will last in our hearts and minds forever. What made it even more special was that FatFace surprised us with every part of the weekend and treated us to this amazing family experience that we will always treasure.

IMG_1312 IMG_1324

It was only our first night but I instantly fell in love with the cute 17th century cottage and its rural surroundings; being able to let Hugo go outside and run around wherever he pleased was such a simple little pleasure from the weekend. No need to be fearful of traffic or other everyday dangers. There was a beautiful quiet stillness there, no stresses, no tick list, we just let how we felt in the moment lead us to our next new experience.


Hugo woke quite early in the mornings probably down to; 1) being excited and 2) being in his new surroundings. We didn’t mind much though because our bed felt like it was twice the size of our standard double bed back at home, so we all enjoyed spreading out like star fishes and playing around before officially getting up.


You never guess what too? FatFace had organised a grocery delivery just after we arrived on the Friday night and it consisted of all my absolute faves! I don’t know how they knew but literally everything they chose was right up my alley including these truly yummy gluten-free croissants and things like halloumi, avocado, pancakes and chocolate, I honestly don’t think I could have done a better job myself. We felt like big kids at Christmas as we unpacked it with a lot of ‘yays’ from me and a lot of ‘whoops’ from Ayman especially when he saw the bacon and wine haha. And so we began our first day…


Outfit 1:

Fovant Khaki cardigan great for layering and keeping the chill off.

Saunton Cream Cami this was one of my fave pieces as I love the Macrame-style hem detail – so delicate and pretty and only £20 🙂

Worn Vintage Super Skinny Jeans, I live in skinny jeans on a daily basis and so it’s really important to me that I always invest in a pair that fit me well and are really comfy to wear so these tick all the right boxes… not only that but they also secretly make me feel like they’re holding everything in too hehe.

Shalford Tan Boots – super easy to slip on and they add a little more ‘vibe’ to an outfit if that makes sense? After only two weeks of wearing them I’ve had lots of people asking me where they’re from too so they appear to be a much loved ankle boot already. FYI I wore them all weekend and walked miles in them and not once did they hurt; perfect for comfort AND style!

Fatface cardigan picIMG_1552 IMG_1477 IMG_1484

Hugo generally naps at 12 until about 2 at the moment so I couldn’t resist some smiley selfies as this is when he’s on top form and oh so cute!

IMG_1798IMG_1797 IMG_1794

A quick hug from Dadda and then we’re good to go…


Have you ever been to Kirkby Lonsdale? If not and you live in the North West of England I highly recommend. They have so many cute coffee shops, independent boutiques and beautiful traditional stone houses where you get the biggest door envy ever. Our highlight of this little place though was definitely throwing pebbles in the river. As simple as it sounds, Hugo could have quite happily done it for hours on end and actually so could I, there was something so therapeutic about it almost like throwing all your troubles away. We had lots of fun but had to be on our toes; Hugo being Hugo was pushing his luck and kept on edging himself closer and closer to the water wanting to get in, so we had to be on guard! At first he struggled to reach the water with the pebbles; understandable when you’re new to throwing! But after a while he was chucking some pretty sizable stones over a metre into the river; he absolutely loved it and we had to eventually peel him as he kicked his legs in defiance.

FF 4

I don’t think I actually did this on purpose but have you noticed that we’re all matching? A little sad maybe? I think not! I loved it and it felt like we stood out as our own little tribe.

If you want to join our tribe or make your own one, here are the coats you need to get:

My jacket – Khaki Rosanne Jacket lightweight and I love the detailing of the toggles, also the colour was fab to hide any marks from Hugo’s feet!

Ayman’s jacket – Ripley Jacket – in his words – ‘Perfect kind of Spring jacket, practical and lightweight but also substantial enough to keep that chill off. Nice rustic colour for the great outdoors!’

Hugo’s jacket – sadly Hugo is slightly too small to fit into FatFace childrens wear at the moment so this was from Next… I can’t see it on their website now but they have a similar one here.

IMG_1937 IMG_1938FF pic 5

Back to the cottage to catch this beautiful sunset right on our doorstep.


A lazy Sunday morning…


Hugo enjoyed his first ever sink bath! How could I not in such a beautiful kitchen, I so wish I had a kitchen like this…one day :). He absolutely LOVED it, so much so that he cried when we went to take him out so we left him in there for another couple of minutes. I’m so glad we did this as this pic is definitely a keeper, I can already see it in his 18th birthday slideshow haha.


Although I could literally dream about having this whole cottage, my other favourite aspect about it was the beautiful windows! The perfect photo setting don’t you think and such a peaceful spot to read a book (if and when a mother ever gets time to do that?!).

Outfit 2

My absolute FAVOURITE item out of everything was this Imogen Boho Blouse. I love the length and how it fits and I am in love with the intricate sewn detailing on it with the two small tassels that you can tie together. I’m constantly trying to seek out pretty tops with sleeves that are flattering and this is it. I wore this exact same outfit today, a week on and I know I’m going to get lots more wear out of it. Also FYI these kind of tops are going to be major this season so get in there quick!

Grey Super Skinnies – how have I never had a grey pair of jeans before? They go with everything plus I love how the colour feels slightly more apt for Spring / Summer.


We snook in a kiss whilst Hugo wasn’t watching.


Outfit 3

Denim is, of course, pretty timeless so it goes without saying that you need at least one staple piece to join your wardrobe.

My pick – Tenby Denim Dress – it’s the perfect length that would look great layered with skinnies too if you didn’t want to bare your legs. Excuse the paleness of my legs, you may need sunglasses!

Ayman’s pick – Light Wash Denim Shirt which he layered over a White Slub V-Neck a perfect smart-casual Spring / Summer look.

IMG_2313 FF 6IMG_2306IMG_2115P3204178

One of my favourite photos, it makes my heart smile…


I wore this Kingston Rustic Longline Top to go home in with the grey skinnies and it’s such a great length as it covers the tops of your thighs and it has that boho feel which I love too. Again I’ve already worn it twice this week as it’s so easy to throw on and no, I don’t generally wash my clothes after just one wear 😉 who really does that?!


This picture below was taken just behind our cottage, it had the most idealistic stream running behind it and so we spent a lot of time here throwing pebbles again, Hugo’s new found hobby to see who can make the biggest splashes and then shout out ‘wooooooow!’. We ended up walking across rocks over the stream to take us on a countryside walk where Hugo walked his longest ever distance in one go – two miles! It was worth it though as we chased shadows and said hello to the sweet spring lambs and Hugo slept like a dream that night!


Time to get back to reality and leave this simply beautiful cottage behind :(.


And that’s a wrap!! Well nearly, if all those photos weren’t enough for you then here’s my little video diary of the whole weekend all pulled together in a four-minute package. I love making these little videos as it’s so nice to look back on, Hugo’s favourite parts that make him laugh every time when watching it are the wardrobe bit and us jumping on the bed. I hope you enjoy it too…

Song is called Great Escape by my brother Mike Dignam

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This weekend was truly one of the best weekends we’ve ever had together. Perfect in every way and I could easily write another blog post about it as I feel like I’ve only just touched the surface. A huge massive thank you to FatFace for giving us such a beautiful gift. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed wearing their clothes and I know I will continue to do so as they’re ideal for everyday indoor and outdoor life and on trend too – double bonus! I can officially declare myself a FatFace fan.

Thanks again for stopping by and taking time out of your day to check out this little space of mine!

Wishing you all the happiest of Easters!

Lots of love



PS. Here are some photos that I had to reluctantly take out as I already had too many photos on this post but I think I did pretty good considering we took over 800 don’t you think! Slight photo taking obsession over here! Also my comments should now be working again as I had to deactivate them for a while whilst I sorted out an annoying spam situation.

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