Me- Jumper : Topshop | Shirt : New Look | Skinnies : River Island | Heels : Zara | Watch : Newgate Watches
Hugo- Hoody : River Island Kids | Harem pants : Little Urban Apparel | Trainers : My1st Years

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So I’m currently on my way back from London after a busy two-day business trip with Swarovski. They not only treated us to a night’s stay in a lush hotel but to wonderful spa facilities too with a complimentary back massage… Oh Em Geeee I forgot just how amazing they are!! Massages are always one of those things I wish I treated myself to more often as they are so good and so beneficial. I think my last one was my pregnancy massage just before I had Hugo, it’s never the same when you have to lie on your side though is it. Apart from that, we did work really hard, viewing the new collection and doing our next forecast order for our customers which takes a lot of time when you have so many beautiful pieces to consider. I’m still yet to reveal everything I do but I’m waiting for the new website to launch before I do (hopefully the end of this month) so watch this space.
You’ll also notice I still have my long hair on these pics which I’ve since chopped about eight inches off… not only that, it was my first hair cut since last October; that’s a whole year I hadn’t had my hair cut! I’m not even joking; my hair was very nearly touching my bum so something had to be done. For weeks now I’ve had this massive urge to chop it off to shoulder length but my hairdresser suggested otherwise in case I hated it and so we stuck to a happy medium. I guess some people would still consider my hair long but for me it feels so much shorter and actually a lot thicker. Am I loving it? I think so, I’m still not 100% sure if I suit it better longer? Or maybe I might suit it better even shorter like shoulder length, What d’ya think? The way I envision my hair in my head to how it actually is in reality is completely different. Naturally my hair is super straight and very sleek which is kinda the opposite of how I want my hair to be. I would LOVE to have that natural tussled ‘got out of bed’ look but we always want what we can’t have don’t we. Also can I just say, at the moment I have THE most annoying hair regrowth I’ve ever seen. I have short bits sprouting up all over my head and then random tufts that have grown like horns at the sides. Why did nobody warn me about just how bad postpartum hair loss and regrowth really is?
I have hair spray on tap and spray it by the gallons to try and keep those fly-aways at bay. If you really want, I will post a picture of my hair in all its full glory of spikiness just for you guys… let me know if you want to see it!
How is it fair that as a female we grow our bodies four times our normal size to have a baby, we go through the trauma of having a baby and obviously receive THE biggest gift any person can receive because of it but as if our bodies haven’t gone through enough just as we start touching our old clothes and seeing signs of our normal selves again our lovely locks decide to all fall out?! Leaving us with bald patches in random places and long strands of hair found EVERYWHERE at home, be it in the bath tub, bedding or even Hugo’s nappies. Then it decides to grow back in full force which I am honestly really thankful for but it looks like I’m going for some kind of 80s punk rocker vibe which is totally not my jam! Men however get the luxury of this wonderful baby entering their lives with no physical change to their body whatsoever and will never be able to fully grasp just how much a woman has to ‘grow’ through. I feel like I’m putting a negative slant on it now but in all honesty despite all these additional little factors I wouldn’t change anything for the world. These little spikes of mine have become a part of me and they remind me everyday of how blessed I am to have had Hugo. They tell their own story, maybe in more ways than one but nevertheless they make me laugh  nearly everyday and have brought many moments of laughter to my husband, family and friends… all hail the spiky hair regrowth!
Before I go, one more thought… I can only imagine what my hair is going to look like when I decide to have baby number two… regrowth upon regrowth, I cannot wait! I can also see now why so many mamas end up going for that sophisticated bob; maybe I’ll join in when the times comes 😉
Thanks for reading and stopping by! I’d absolutely LOVE to hear any of your hair testimonies, so I don’t feel like the only one over here!
Lots of love

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