The music I used on the vlog was called ‘Aō Grafa Sig Í Fönn” by Ásgeir

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This post has been a long time coming as we actually went to London at the start of August but you know, life happens and yep the cat’s out the bag… I’M HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I am so excited and absolutely over the moon but I won’t lie to you, I’ve been really struggling this time around with horrendous sickness and that awful nauseous feeling 24/7 and I’m not even exaggerating when I say 24/7! Anyway I’m going to save talking about our happy news for another post as then I’ll have time to go into all the detail :).

That being said I was really sick whilst in London but as a mother you just have to get up and keep on going with your day don’t you?! We had such a great time visiting places we haven’t seen before and eating lots of yummy street food… it was the perfect little mini break.

We travelled up early Saturday morning by train and stayed at the Town Hall Hotel for two nights which was a dream. After dropping our bags off at the hotel we went on the hunt for some yummy food. I think it’s Ayman’s secret hobby searching for the best places to go. We were hungry for brunch and we ended up in a French restaurant called Bistrotheque which had such a beautiful ambience about it with a classical pianist playing whilst we ate, drank and talked.



After food we decided to head to Shoreditch for, well, more food haha. Shoreditch is known as the hipster capital of London and I totally knew why when we were there. I could have sat and people-watched all day, so many beautiful individual styles where I was in awe of their fashion style and swag… some were, how can I put this… ‘interesting’ and a bit more risqué but all expressing a little more of who they are. You’ll get a better flavour of this part of London on my vlog too so make sure you do give it a little watch (link here just in case 😉 ).

There were so many gorgeous little independent boutiques full of one-off vintage pieces but because I’m pregnant, shopping didn’t really interest me on this trip but stopping for food, drinks and regular sit downs did. I had the most amazing avocado sushi from an east-Asian street food stall… I still think about it now and how it was the best sushi I’d ever tasted; so much so that I’ve had to stop by Yo Sushi a couple of times just to try and give me that little sushi fix. FYI I’m only eating vegetarian sushi at the moment.


Town Hall Hotel

Often when you go away for the weekend you’re doing that much sight-seeing you don’t actually get much time to just chill in your lovely hotel and really use their facilities. With this being such a gorgeous hotel we really relaxed and took things easy and didn’t really put too much time pressure on ourselves to get out in a set time, we just wanted to make sure we made it to breakfast in time haha.

These are some pics from one of our lazy mornings playing in bed and Hugo in full swing cheeky monkey action.


This photo says it all…


After the initial shock he laughed his head off but thank goodness the cot was right behind him to break his fall, this boy seriously has no fear!


All ready for breaky.

img_4235 img_4236

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day. How yummy does this look?


Corner Room

This is called the ‘Corner Room’ at The Town Hall Hotel, if you’re on Instagram you’ll notice that it’s growing into quite an iconic place to visit. The most popular side to photograph is the side with all the hanging industrial-style lights however I absolutely adore the other side of the room too especially when you have a little Hugo in attendance…


The iconic side… img_4244 img_4248img_4251img_4122img_4264

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

We visited one of the UK’s largest urban ‘man-made’ beaches at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the Sunday morning where we filled our time with adventurous activities. This was during the Rio 2016 Olympics so there was a lot going on. Hugo enjoyed his first bungee jump experience, I went on the spinning swings and Ayman and Hugo had fun climbing up the huge inflatable slide. There was also a lovely area with massive cushions and deck chairs so we chilled out and watched some of the Olympic swimming action. Again you can see this in all its glory and the moment my heart dropped into my stomach on my vlog!

p8070335 p8070346p8070308

Sugar House Studios

We visited this pretty pastel wall on our last day, Monday. There were a couple of times where we thought we must be at the wrong location as it’s quite an industrial part of London but low and behold behind all those rustic buildings that look a little derelict there holds the most beautiful wall I ever did see.

If you ever do get chance to visit this place it’s actually a lot smaller than it looks but it’s definitely worth visiting even if just to get a few fun shots. Research before you go though as I heard on the grapevine that they’re knocking the wall down 🙁 but it may not be true, I really hope it’s not true.

Here are some of the photos from from our quick 10 minute stop here…


So that just about wraps up our lovely weekend in London. It was quite different to any of our former visits to London which normally consist of lots of shopping and wining and dining but these days I’m actually more interested in going to places that Hugo will love and secondly places that inspire me to take photos and feed my insta-hunger… haha sorry if you think that’s lame but it’s true and I love it!

We did a few other things which I haven’t written about but you can catch some more in-the-moment footage on my Travel Diary on YouTube here.

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Thanks so much for stopping by and huge thanks to Town Hall Hotel for the stay! Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll respond as soon as I can :).

Lots of love