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The new Swift Mountain Buggy

Earlier this year I was super blessed to have been asked by Mountain Buggy to become what they call a ‘Pilot’. (Pilots basically test and review their products before they launch to the consumer). This particular design is called ‘Swift’ Buggy and is designed for those who love city life just as much as those off-road adventures in the countryside.

Here are a few features that I particularly love about the buggy:

  • The magnetic ‘peekaboo’ cover where I can check up on Hugo & watch his curiosity as he takes in his surroundings.
  • The drinks holder, yes probably not seen as the most crucial necessity but it’s such a great bonus to have especially as coffee and motherhood go hand-in-hand as well as being on the go all the time.
  • It’s super easy to manoeuvre, I find that when I go running with it, it turns corners with ease and it’s great on curbs and bumps. I also have the Bugaboo Cameleon3 you see and I would actually say that the Swift is much better in this area, maybe because it has three wheels?!
  • Hugo looks so comfy in the seat and we can adjust the seat position to any recline which is great if he wants to chill out, kick back and sleep or be nosy and upright.
  • I’m not sure if I would have ever have chosen the colour yellow but I absolutely love it! I’m so happy that they sent it as it’s such a fun and vibrant colour not forgetting that it teams up perfectly with Hugo’s new coat that his Grandad bought him, nope that has nothing to do with it ;).
  • It’s takes up half the space in my boot that my Bugaboo takes up.
  • It does what it says on the tin so-to-speak, it’s super easy to put away all-in-one just as it is to pop it up, with one easy twist function of the bar… no fuss, that’s what we like.
  • The rain cover is super easy to whip on and off when you need it.
  • On the whole it just feels really easy and lightweight to push in any direction and on any terrain. It feels sturdy but sleek at the same time and I can’t wait to take it to France on holiday in September too.
Please feel free to check out their website here to read more on its features and benefits…and see how they’ve not only gone and used some pics of Hugo and I on there too! Oh and one more thing if yellow isn’t your colour then it’s also available in Berry Red, Marine Blue and Black, you can check the colours out for yourself here.
I’ll be back soon writing more about general mum life and what I’ve been up to recently (hopefully next week) but for now have a great week and we’ll speak soon!
Lots of love

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