Me- Jumper : Zara Girls it’s actually size 14 haha | Dungarees similar here : Gap | Shoes similar here : Zara | Brown Leather Tote : Madewell
Hugo- Hat : Zara | Coat : Gap | Jeans : Gap | Shirt : Gap | Moccs : Moccs For Tots

How has October already been and gone? Before we know it, I’ll be writing about our Christmas holidays and all the festive fun we get up to but let’s just wait a minute and soak up the here and now before Christmas sweeps us all up into a frenzy.
I’ve never really thought about what my favourite season is but I’ve got to say that October has proven to be a pretty strong contender; what with pumpkins aplenty, all the pavements covered with a blanket of warm coloured leaves and an extra whole hour in bed when the clocks go back (is this just a UK thing by the way?!).
On another exciting note… drumroll… Hugo has started walking! He’s not walking everywhere at the moment, just generally in between bits of furniture in case he needs something to lean on. Most of the time though, he’s just walking several steps between Mama and Dada as he builds up his confidence. I cannot express to you how excited I was when he first did it, we were just playing in the lounge and I stood him up amongst a mountain of toys and he just wobbled over to me on his own two feet. He was laughing his head off at the same time which ended up in us both collapsing in each other’s arms in fits of excited giggles. And so the night continued for about an hour after this as we captured loads of his first wobbly steps on film, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched these back, it’s amazing isn’t it how technology these days allows us to capture unforgettable moments like this. 
Hugo’s one year and one month now and like all babies he’s growing bigger and chunkier by the day. So with a whole lot more of Hugo to love it seems like all his clothes have increasingly become tighter at the seams with little bits of ankle, wrists and underbelly poking through. I ended up spending a day last week taking everything out of his wardrobe and packing away outgrown clothes to leave more space for some new additions. With this in mind I’ve been on the hunt for some nice Autumn/Winter pieces and in particular a warm winter coat for him that isn’t going to show the dirt. I actually don’t mind investing more money in clothes for him now as he seems to get a lot more wear out of them than he used to which also means they go through the wash a lot more. Therefore, it’s really important to me that I get good quality clothes that will last through all of Hugo’s rough and tumble play as well as numerous wash cycles. 

I don’t know if you’ve been into GAP recently but they have so many gorgeous clothes in for girls and boys and they all feel so lovely and soft but still really great quality plus they’ve had so many special offers on baby clothes too it’s hard not to resist. I’ve had a few GAP items in the past and they always end up being the items I pack away for baby number two instead of off to the charity shop as they really do stand the test of time keeping their colour and shape. I’m super made up with this choice of coat for him as we’ve already been out playing in the park and in all the leaves and it disguises the mud very well – bonus! I love how stylish it is too. Here are the exact links to the items Hugo is wearing in today’s post as I know a lot of you ask me to share this, so here it is  along with a couple of other items on my wishlist, they also have fab discounts on many of these items until midnight tonight being 9th Nov, so sorry if you read this after this date! (FYI the links to my outfit are above):


I hope you all have a super fab week!


Lots of love 


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