The perfect baby sling…

We have a crazy heat wave going on in England this week and although I love this beautiful weather, we are so not catered for it. Hugo keeps waking up because he’s too hot even though he’s just in his nappy, so we’re cooling him down with cold juice and wet flannels… us Brits are never happy… too cold or too hot with seemingly nothing in between!
I don’t know about you but when I had Hugo, I always pictured myself carrying him close to me, close enough to kiss him and feel his heart beating next to mine. After researching lots of different brands it was ‘Wildbird’ who I connected with most. Tayler, the founder of the company, has designed THE most timeless, simple and stunning slings I’ve come across, using 100% linen and a range of truly beautiful colours that would compliment any outfit. I love her heartfelt approach in everything she does from the video tutorials to the names of each of the slings, I know if she lived in the UK we’d probably be friends… she’s just my kinda girl. You must check out her website here and see for yourself just how lovely they are plus they are amazing value too at only £38 or $59.95.
For those mamas with babies who are thinking you’re past the stage of being able to use one of these, I assure you you’re not, I’ve seen many mamas carry around toddlers who are much bigger than Hugo! I sometimes even carry him around the house while I try and get a few jobs done. He loves it just as much as I love it too.
Below I’ve extracted some information which I’ve taken directly from Tayler’s website because it’s just too beautiful not to share so I hope you enjoy it:


Some Awesome Babywearing Facts!
  • Carried babies cry less and there’s a study to prove it!  Researchers have found that babywearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.* Babies thrive through touch!
  • Proper babywearing helps promote optimal brain, hip, spine, eye, social and emotional development. When a baby is worn in the sling he/she becomes aware of the wearer’s movements. This stimulation helps to regulate his/her own physical responses and exercises baby’s vestibular system, which controls balance.
  • Premature babies who are touched and held are shown to gain weight faster and are overall healthier than babies who are not.**
  • Babywearing has so many benefits for not only baby but the wearer as well. Wearing your baby has shown to reduce stress hormones in new mamas which help fight postpartum depression. 
Cuddling up close to your baby in the sling is a wonderful way to get to know the baby in your life and for the baby to get to know you! The wearer has two hands free which enables the wearer to get chores done, shop, or play with other children. Keep your little bird close!
Hugo has just woken again so I’m going to have to dash but I’ll try and write soon my lovelies!
Lots of love
Sally x