Me- Dress : Scarlett Black London || Wedges : Aldo 
Hugo- Beany & Leggings : My Mila Baby || Tee : Huxbaby || Personalised booties : My1stYears

Sorry for the gazillion photos there were too many I wanted to share but I did manage to whittle 146 down to this selection, it’s Hugo’s fault for looking so darn cute in all of them! The weather has been so gorgeous recently… England has eventually welcomed spring and even glimpses of summer where I’ve actually been able to sport the bare legged look believe it or not. I’m so pasty though I have to apply a little fake tan so I don’t startle passers by ;). The dress I’m wearing here is from Scarlett Black London and is great in winter teamed with tights or for that beach/festival look as it’s got that cool boho vibe to it too. Hugo’s in his gorgeous little monochrome outfit from Huxbaby and MyMilaBaby. I never would have come across these brands if it wasn’t for Instagram and I’m so thankful I have. They’re so super soft and stylish and I haven’t seen anything like what these brands offer on the high streets in England.

A little on Hugo…
So Hugo is going to be seven months on the 16th April and oh how amazing those seven months have been. He’s recently popped his first two bottom teeth which with that has come lots of broken nights’ sleep and loss of appetite bless him. I’ve ended up having to try and feed him up at breakfast and lunch as when it comes to dinner time he’s too tired and grumpy to sit and eat a big meal, so it’s a quick bit of food if he wants it then bath, milk and bed. He’s been able to sit up for a few weeks now but over the last couple of days I’ve caught him rocking on all fours too so it’s only a matter of time until he’ll be off crawling everywhere. On that note I really need to get prepared for this and all the safety precautions… is this when the hard work really begins?! Last night he slept through the night for the first time from 7pm till 6am, then back asleep after a feed ’til about 7.30am. I couldn’t believe it, I kept having to check on him though to see if he was still breathing! So I still didn’t sleep great which is typical but at least it’s given me so much hope now knowing that he can do it! So there’s a little update on where he’s up to, I could mention lots of other things but I’ll save some bits for my next post.

I hope you’re all doing great and starting to make the most out of the slightly warmer weather!
Lots of love
Sally & Hugo
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