Our little spontaneous family day trip to Clitheroe. Quintessentially English with cobbled streets, rustic coffee houses, markets displaying all the locals’ finest fresh produce, castles with 100 mph gale force winds and parks to swing until little hearts are content.


The cutest little coffee house where we enjoyed mediterranean frittatas, ‘nanas’, strawberry milkshakes and cappuccinos aplenty.


Catching the eyes of those on other tables, Hugo lit the room up with smiles and cheeky flirty ‘Hiya’s’


After lunch we took a short walk up to the castle…


The most perfect emerald coloured door with the most perfect cheeky little face stood in front of it.

Pretty cherry blossom cascading over.


Cute alleyways leading to secret courtyards with independent boutiques and farm shops full of yummy and delicious food.


This basically summed up our fun and fabulous family day out…

We don’t actually manage to get out on many family days out because Ayman plays football most Saturday afternoons and so this was a real treat. But who would have thought that that night Hugo was going to be sick ALL night. Things took a turn for the worst as he started projectile vomitting from 6pm every hour throughout the night. It was a bug caught from nursery and lasted over 48 hours bless him. Those chubby cheeks you see on those pics started to look somewhat hollow compared to their normal plumpness and all his clothes became baggy…but he and we survived! He’s a tough cookie and has certainly made up for his loss of appetite since.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Lots of love