Are you ready to rise up and make a stand for who you authentically are?


‘She Rises in Self Love’ is my new 8-week transformation programme designed and thoughtfully created to help
you heal, ignite, and transform your Self Love.


Get ready to step into the truth, the very essence of who you authentically are and who you’re destined to be – free from any of the blocks and self-limiting beliefs.

Find connection to your soul’s purpose and get ready to light up the path of your dreams.

It is by no mistake you have found yourself here reading these words at such a time as this.


Who is it for?

I am calling in the women who are ready to commit to doing

their inner work in order to change their reality and to become

realigned with their highest truth and to really

start loving themselves from the inside out.


If you can relate to the below…

Please know you are not on your own!


Do you ever feel unworthy, unloved, invisible,

anxious, not good enough, not accepted, not beautiful enough,

not thin enough, not valued enough, not perfect enough, led by fear

and self-doubt, stressed and can’t shift low moods,

tired or like you’re just plodding along with life…

you don’t just have to accept it.


This programme can help you and has been created specially for you!

My journey

I have been there. I have been in the deepest, darkest, trapped

places in my life, one where I was battling with a destructive eating

disorder, anxiety and comparison, self hate, I couldn’t see a way out, how I’d be

able to change something that felt unbreakable but something

within me whispered to not give up.


The first step of my transformation was to admit the problem to myself.

The internal battle that I was facing every second of the day even

though from the outset I looked completely fine and normal. I ‘looked’ happy.


The second step was to admit that I needed help. I needed support. I couldn’t fix this on my own.


I invested in coaching, courses and therapies, one took me all the

way to the USA where I had one of the biggest transformations of my life

when I started to let my love in, in what felt like truly the first time

and to see myself for who I truly am. Beautiful from the inside out and so loved.

I claimed this truth for myself and I want you to be able to claim your truth for yourself too.


Whenever I take myself back to that moment, I get goose bumps all

over as it was such a profound moment in my life.



This is where my journey of Self Love

really began.


It’s also where my passion to get to the root cause of where our self-sabotaging beliefs come from. To light up the darkest parts of our being so that they too become light.


Life is to be lived and lived to the full.


YOU deserve to live a life you love and you deserve to feel and be loved by every cell in your body – and you deserve it right now.


So, Why now… why you?


It’s spring 2020 and we are in a state of suspension. A time for pause. A time to dwell on our current circumstances more than ever before. As the world figures out what to do next… now is the perfect time to figure this out for yourself too. Ask yourself what called you to click on this page to find out more?

What part of you wants to change and be nurtured so you can bloom into something even more beautiful, something that only up to this point you’ve only ever dreamed of?



If your heart said YES to this, you are in the right place at just the right time.


About the programme

She Rises in Self Love is an 8-week online Transformational Coaching Programme where I will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way to discovering your authentic self and becoming empowered in your own self love. It is deeply transformational so get ready to have mental and physical breakthroughs and profound internal shifts. It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself and the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only that but you will gain true soul sisters on this programme, women who have your back and who are there right along side you, making these courageous and loving steps with you. We are in it all together and because of that there is so much more power, transformation and love to receive.


Extra hands on guidance and care I will give you…

I will also be supporting and guiding you with an extensive range of tools, techniques and exercises to help you unblock and release the things that are holding you back. You will take part in self love workshops, in-depth journaling tasks, movement practices, powerful guided meditations, self love practices, transformational healing practices, shifting mindsets, and letting go exercises. You will feel more grounded, connected and aligned with yourself and feel more confident, free and happy in your own body and in your outer world too. Trust me. You will. What happens on the inside has a direct effect on your outer world.



My heart’s desire for you…

It is my heart’s desire to help you break free, bring healing and transformation to anything that is being harnessed for you right now so that you can really start to wholeheartedly love yourself from the inside out. YOU are already so loved, valued and worthy, it’s time for you to truly feel this for yourself.

Are you ready?

Remember, you are not on your own. So many women feel exactly the same as you feel now… I have been there, I know the repeated stories that can play over and over again in our minds.


This online programme is available and fully accessible worldwide. I am calling in women from all over the world who are ready to step out of that place of fear and into the abundance of love.

I can help you, I will guide you, and I will support you.


I invite you to take your place in

It’s time cultivate deeper levels of self-love and self-acceptance.

It’s time to step into confidence and be the best version of YOU!

Start your journey and re-ignite your spark for life and open up to limitless possibilities.

Join a supportive and loving group of other like-minded women.


What’s inside this powerful transformation programme?

The programme is split up into eight easy to follow steps. Each week we have a two hour online group coaching call talking about and explaining the following weeks focus. This is a time where you can share any blocks, situations, limiting beliefs, fears or anything else that is coming up for you and I will coach you through it.

At the start of each week you will also receive workbooks with creative and fun resources, exercises, songs, audios and vibes to help you feel the way you want to feel. All of this and all the other bonuses I’m including in this course will take you on a journey of really coming home to yourself, not only getting to know your true authentic self but loving her too.

There is no pressure to complete each workbook every week but there will definitely be enough juicy resources in there to access even when the programme finishes. I know life can get busy so release the pressure and know you can work through everything in your own time.


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