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She Rises in Self Love is a 8-Week Transformation Programme designed to help you heal, ignite, and transform anything holding you back from being the genuinely limitless and heart-centred woman you can be!

Throughout the course, under the soulful guidance of Sally Fazeli – a multi-certified movement, wellbeing, and transformation coach – you will transform in beautiful and radical ways, shedding light on self-limiting beliefs and unconscious blocks holding you back from living your truth and sharing your brilliance. 

If you’re ready to smash through the blocks holding you back. To release yourself from self-sabotage, anxiety, limiting beliefs, toxic behaviours, negative self-talk, patterns, situations, unhealthy comparison, and anything else that stops you from fulfilling your potential and achieving your dreams. Then this course has been designed specifically for you, dear sister!

Emily, a graduate of She Rises shares more about her journey...

“She Rises In Self Love is truly life changing! I know this is something that is said a lot but for me this is 100% true. Every aspect of the course is beautifully thought out and although it was challenging at times there was always support there if I needed it. The weekly coaching calls were wonderful, Sally holds the space in such a way that you cannot help but feel that you are with friends even from the first time meeting.  We have a lovely group chat that we still use and I hold dear. The special guests were also amazing and have broadened my knowledge and self awareness even more than I thought possible! I experienced a number of shifts – especially during the EFT session and have continued to discover new things about myself even long after the course ended, I have incorporated yoga and meditation into my daily life and am doing things I never thought possible

Sally is highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable but even more than this, at the core of everything she does is her warmth, kindness and genuine love that just shines through and sets her apart as one of the best coaches out there.

I would so strongly recommend this course to anyone, there is so much value here and I know that you won’t look back – it really will change your life!”

— Emily

You're not alone

This is Where Your Journey of Self-Love Starts

With Sally’s help, you will get to the root cause of where your self-sabotaging beliefs come from. To light up the darkest parts of your being so that they too become light.

Life is to be lived and lived to the full.

YOU deserve to live a life you love, and you deserve to feel and be loved by every cell in your body – and you deserve it right now.

Imagine the Possibility

Are you ready RIGHT NOW to rise in self-love, be who you’re meant to be, live your dreams, and share your brilliance with the world?

 She Rises in Self Love is an 8-week Online Transformational Coaching Programme where Sally will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way to discover your authentic self and become empowered by self-love. It is incredibly transformational so get ready to have mental and physical breakthroughs and profound internal shifts. It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself and the gift that keeps on giving.


Not only that, but you will gain true soul sisters on this programme, women who have your back and who are there right alongside you, taking courageous and loving steps with you. We’re all in it together, and because of that, we benefit much more from our shared power, transformation, and love.

What You Get In The She Rises In Self Love Programme

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She Rises In Self Love

An 8-Week Programme designed to help you heal, ignite, and transform anything holding you back from being the genuinely limitless and heart-centred woman you can be!

What You’ll Learn Over The 8-Week Programme

Module 1

Embracing Self

Initiation week is where we get to know you and explore the parts of self that feel unlovable.  You’ll feel empowered and motivated to move forward.

Module 2

Creating Space for a Deeper Connection

It’s time to clear out the mental and physical baggage weighing you down and keeping you stuck in a cycle of busy-being-busy. You’ll feel light as air and ready to rise!

Module 3


Through guided self-love workshops and exercises, you will learn to accept yourself in the present moment. Sally will share her personal experiences to help you…

Module 4

Nourish to Flourish

This week is about learning how to flourish from the inside out. If you punish yourself with restrictive diets or have negative eating habits, which prevent your body from feeling it’s best, Sally will introduce you to… 

Module 5

Release, Forgive and Let Go

Get ready for some deep healing. Through guided group coaching and journaling, you’ll undergo life-changing healing and forgiveness work to truly set yourself free! Sally will gently encourage you to let go of anything weighing you down or holding you back, it’s seriously transformative stuff. Your soul called, she’s ready to let go and allow love in.

Module 6

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Essence

You’ve come so far! Now you’re ready to step into your feminine power and reclaim your divine essence – who you are at a soul level. This module is incredibly transformative and is always a favourite among the ladies. As you step into the circle of womanhood, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Sally will teach you how to ‘tap’ into your intuition and reclaim your self-worth. Bringing into balance the masculine and feminine parts of yourself and reintegrating anything you’ve disassociated with for greater healing. 

Module 7

Fierce Love Over Fear

Rewrite your destiny without any limitations! Learn how to live your life on a higher vibration and become a magnet for miracles. Tapping into your soul truth and life’s purpose, get ready to overcome your fears and discover who you’re destined to become. We’re excited!

Module 8

Purpose, Power & Pure Potentiality

Activate the true law of attraction and start manifesting your wildest dreams! 

Bring alignment to every area of your life and grasp the pure limitless potentiality that you have. 

The final week will be seriously soul-shaking, get ready to rise in Self Love, and take full ownership of the awesome queen that you are.


Unlimited access to the resource hub

2+ hour weekly live Coaching Sessions

Accountability to transform your self love

Study at the pace that works for YOU

Bonuses (value £1,321)

Enroll now and you’ll also get these 3 bonus trainings totally FREE!

The Bonus #1 Guest Expert Masterclasses (£888+ value)

Masterclasses with an international team of wellness experts, coaches, healers, nutritionists (not to be missed!) 


The Bonus #2 IN-PERSON / online embodiment classes (£100 value)

Additional yoga & dance embodiment classes to help you connect with your body mind in a deeper way.

The Bonus #3 unlimited support from sally via an exclusive messaging group (£333 value)

Ongoing support throughout the 8-week programme.


"Joining She Rises in Self Love is the best gift I have given to myself. I was anxious at first to dive into this but I soon realised how supportive the other ladies were during this journey. Being surrounded by amazing women going through similar experiences was such a gift. I have learnt so much, not only about myself but I now have so many tools to help me when I need them. It has been a life changing experience and I now understand a lot about how my mind works and how to get back to my true self. Sally is the most wonderful person. She is caring, loving and understanding. She truly has the most beautiful soul. She has helped me in so many ways. It is the beginning of my journey to self love but I feel so positive and peaceful since doing the course."

— Clara

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2+ hour Weekly Group Call

These are super potent and deeply transformational coaching sessions where we can dig deeper into YOUR specific needs.

Private Facebook Group

For impromptu bonus sessions, like sharing my morning routine with you to prime your day and other workshops and chats.

Workbook & Checklist

So you have something physical to work through. This workbook has been specially created to guide you from week-to-week through this 8 week journey and beyond.

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Sharing the love from recent clients


This experience has been amazing & I can’t wait to see where it takes us all. It is so nice to be a part of such a supportive group of women and I love that everyone is so open spiritually. Thank you Sally for making this possible for us, I am so grateful for you, you are an inspiration!!

— jO

I’m so excited, I finally feel like I’ve found my purpose. I feel like I’m getting the education I actually need rather than all the irrelevant stuff we learnt at school! Honestly my life has totally turned around since joining She Rises in Self Love and I actually wake up excited about life more now.


My sessions with Sally have been truly uplifting, transformational and eye-opening; in such a short space of time, my relationship with myself, with food and with people around me has changed completely.


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Meet your coach

Hey, I'm Sally

Sally Fazeli is a wellness coach, yoga teacher, and mumpreneur, who embarked on a soul-enhancing journey to recover from her destructive eating disorder, born out of anxiety, unhealthy comparison, and self-hate. 

“I’ve been there. To the edge. The deepest, darkest, place inside me where I felt trapped –  broken and desperate, I couldn’t see a way out from the pain and hopelessness that plagued me. But, something deep inside whispered not to give up.

To transform, first, I had to admit that I had a problem. No more pretending to be okay (to myself, or others). Then came the realisation that I needed help and support. I couldn’t fix this on my own. I invested in coaching, courses, and therapies that helped me learn to let love in. In one genuinely transformational experience in America, I was able to see myself for who I was – beautiful inside and out, and oh, so loved. I claimed this truth for myself, and I want you to be able to claim your truth for yourself too.”

Sally teaches others how to rise in self-love and break away from destructive thoughts and habits that are keeping you unhappy, unhealthy, and stuck in life.  

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You've got questions? We have answers!

The programme is split up into eight easy to follow steps. Every week we have a 90 – 120 minute online group coaching call discussing and explaining the following week’s focus. This is a time where you can share any blocks, situations, limiting beliefs, fears, or anything else that is coming up for you, which Sally will host and coach you through it.

At the start of every week, you will receive workbooks with creative and fun resources, exercises, songs, audios, and vibes to help you feel the way you want to feel. All of this and all the other bonuses included in this course will take you on a journey of really coming home to yourself, not only getting to know your true authentic self but loving her too.

On top of the weekly coaching call, you’ll need roughly 30 minutes a day to go through the exercises, but you can do as much or as little as you want. What you put into this programme you will get out of it. Equally don’t worry if you’re super busy for a day because you can split your time up in a way that completely suits you.

Access to a digital device for our coaching calls. Definitely a journal and pen, as you’ll want to take lots of notes to look back on this transformative journey. And, if you’re taking part in the yoga and movement practices, a yoga mat will make you comfy. 

There is no pressure to complete each workbook every week, but there will be enough juicy resources in there to access even when the programme finishes. We know life can get busy, so release the pressure and know you can work through everything in your own time. Recordings of group calls, sessions, meditations, and everything else will be available, also. 

Sally will support and guide you over the 8-week programme with an extensive range of tools, techniques, and exercises to help you unblock and release from the things holding you back in life. 

You will participate in self-love workshops, in-depth journaling tasks, movement practices, powerful guided meditations, self-love practices, transformational healing practices, shifting mindsets, and letting-go exercises. You will feel more grounded, connected, and aligned with yourself and feel more confident, free, and happy in your own body and in your outer world too. If you do the work each week, we promise you will experience transformation, but if you are struggling to see results, talk to Sally, who can guide you through. 

This online programme is available and fully accessible worldwide. The time the group coaching will take place will vary depending on your time zone, but rest assured, it’s affordable for women from all over the world who are ready to step out of that place of fear and into the abundance of love.

Don’t see your question in the FAQs?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about She Rises in Self Love. You can email me directly at hello@sallyfazeli.com and I’ll get back to you shortly.