I’m really excited to announce my next retreat day is going to be held in Lancashire at

The Tipis @ Riley Green

Saturday 12th October


It’s a truly special one as we journey inwards.

Nourish Your Soul Retreat Day with Sally Fazeli, I invite you to join me for a truly soul nourishing day retreat consisting of yoga, meditation, journaling, shake your soul, dance, movement, delicious soul food, nutritious juices, a transformational soul igniting workshop and a healing and restorative soundwave. A chance for you to connect to your soul, energise your whole Self (body, mind and spirit) and bring deep relaxation, healing and ultimately transformation in a truly stunning setting!


It will also be held when the moon is at its fullest where we are given the space to release and let go of the things that don’t serve us, cleanse and assimilate inspiration and positive affirmations that we need going forward.


The whole experience of the day will leave you feeling truly nourished, energised, relaxed and transformed as you connect to your inner self and the other beautiful women who will be there on the day.


A gentle heart opening Vinyasa yoga class sometimes referred to as flow yoga. Vinyasa, is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us. It’s a continuous string of postures that connects breath with movement seamlessly to create a more balanced body.

This is perfect for beginners and for more advanced yoga practitioners it is a chance to strip back and get back to basics. The class will be led by myself Sally Fazeli.

Shake Your Soul

Join Sally, one of the UK’s leading Shake Your Soul© teachers in an energising yoga, dance and movement class!

Discover a completely natural way of moving that connects you to your inherent fluid nature through Shake Your Soul©. Experience how music moves your soul and how your soul moves your body! Experience transformation of body, mind and spirit as you dance with ease, power, sensuality, passion, and grace.

Get ready to dance, move, groove, shake what your mama gave you, open your heart, have fun and connect with other like-minded dancing women in the space. It will help you to feel energised, build confidence, connect to your self, happy, elated & relaxed in your own beautiful body.

Soulful Workshop

Amy Rushworth, one of UK’s leading Transformation Coaches will be facilitating a soulful workshop on how you can reignite the fire within you and connect to your confident, feminine energy.


This will then flow perfectly onto the restorative part of the day as we experience a beautiful soundwave. Comfort yourself in the warm embrace of Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s soundwave. This will help bring transformation and healing on a cellular level as you let the vibrations of the sound waves wash over and through you taking you to a place of sacred serenity. Nourishing and restorative for the body, mind and soul such an invaluable experience!

Food & Drinks at Nourish Your Soul Retreat

Juices; Revitalise & energise yourself with a 100% raw extracted juice blend created for optimal nutrient cell energy. Cleansing, nourishing, refreshing and restorative blended by Nutritoxers.

Soul food; Feed your bellies with a yummy and nutritious feast. Enjoy talking, eating, laughing and sharing as we nourish our bodies all together in a beautiful setting by Totally D’vine Catering.

Closing Sister Circle

Finishing the day with a sister circle, journalling time and tips and tools to take with you into your everyday life and of course there will be exciting goodie bags worth over £60 to take home with you!

More surprises will be revealed on the day too!

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy such an amazing transformational day…

Book your ticket now!


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