Ready to unveil the true diamond of who you are?

No more waiting, wishing or wanting, the time is NOW for you to

Feel truly free & empowered in your own beautiful body!

The true essence of YOU is there… ready and waiting to be discovered, if only you knew how beautiful you really are! What you are really capable of and the dreams and ambitions that already have YOUR name on it!

I am so ready to help you but the real question is: Are you ready?

In 1-2-1 coaching with me, I work closely with you to facilitate a safe space where deep healing and transformation can take place. Your body stores so many memories, hurts and pains that you are often not even consciously aware of and by working through them and with them, we can unpack and unblock the things that are holding you back so that you can start living a truly fulfilled and abundant life.

I am rooting for you, coaching you and holding your hand through this process so that you feel the full support and love that you need to open up, let go and dive in to the true essence of you.

What is it that you want for your life?

Maybe you don’t even know yet or even allow yourself to dream but once you delve deeper into your true Self (body, mind and spirit) that is where the magic really starts to happen. Doors will open where you didn’t even realise there were doors and, even more importantly, you will feel more present, fully alive and thankful for where you are right now bringing about the biggest gift of all – Self Love!



So, are you ready to….

Step into your total worth & let your true self rise up?

Dig deep and get rid of blockages?

Open up, heal and receive the abundance that you are destined for?

Feel confident and beautiful in your own skin?

Shine and radiate true joy and acceptance in your everyday life?

Love YOUR body & accept yourself fully for who YOU are?

Be free from anxious thoughts and instead live a fulfilled present life?

Get up every morning and look in the mirror and see only beautiful and empowering things in your reflection?

Are you ready to fall so in love with yourself that everything else in your life just starts to flow and slot into place?



If your heart answered YES to any one of these then my beautiful friend, you are SO ready for this next step!

I’m excited for you! Excited that you’ve already made the first step in clicking into this page and wanting to know more. The next step is to truly believe this is possible for you… and I can 100% promise you that it is!

I have been in the pits of despair by being thousands of pounds in debt, being in an abusive relationship, living and battling though a distructive eating disorder and losing every sense of who I really am. It was through the work that I am offering to you that I really broke the chains of all of this, set myself free to truly fall in love with my Self (body, mind & spirit) and to see myself for who I truly am from the inside out. We can all look ok on the outside but if we are living in turmoil on the inside, this will ultimately be played out in our lives.

It’s time to take the shackles off, lift the weight off our shoulders, open our hearts and let love in and let our higher self guide us to a better future where we feel so aligned that everything literally starts to unfold and slot into place in the most amazing ways.

Apply to work 1-2-1 with me

I work with a limited number of women each month to ensure that I continue to offer my full support, guidance and energy. I work with women for a minimum of 10 sessions to ensure we develop a deep and entrusting relationship and we are able to dig deep and embrace everything with love and nurturance. As I am a fully certified yoga teacher and somatic movement educator, I will also support you in ways to really tap in to your body through movement and meditation. I will give you tools and exercises to practice in between our sessions so it really is an all round life changing experience.

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Sally’s work is life-changing.

Sally set me off in the direction of my personal journey towards self love. Instead of finding excuses to put it off, Sally gave me the push I needed to just go for it. As a result, I have developed courage like never before.

My one-to-one sessions with Sally have been truly uplifting, transformational and eye-opening; in such a short space of time my relationship with myself, with food, and with the people around me has changed. 

By giving me the platform to confront my truth, I have a newfound energy and purpose, and it is a journey which I feel fully empowered to continue. 

Sally is a refreshingly honest, compassionate, and inspiring human being, she holds a space with such gentleness and ease. I look forward to future sessions and am excited to see Sally’s flourishing spiritual path as the future unfolds.

Aneesa 41, Software Engineer