‘Tis the season (in the words of Beyonce) to put your freakum on! 

This beautiful vintage embellished dress is from Virgos Lounge and is designed to make any girl wearing it shine bright like a diamond. I decided to wear it to one of my best friends weddings as it’s a bit more special than just an ordinary night out dress. I always feel a little apprehensive when it comes to embellished pieces as from experience once you catch a bead that’s it, it feels like the whole dress falls apart. However with this being my second purchase from Virgos Lounge I can wholeheartedly say that the quality & value for money is amazing and it definitely won’t be my last purchase from this brand! 




Dress: @virgos lounge // Shoes: +New Look France // Jewels: +Topshop +Pandora Jewellery +New Look France 

I hope you’ve had a super lovely Christmas & have a fantastic New Year… don’t forget to put your ‘Freakum Dress’ on! 🙂 x