Me: Heels : Zara || Trousers : Zara || Top : The LB Brand || Sunglasses : MissGuided
Hugo: Moccasins : Tui-B || Harems & Beany : MyMilaBaby || Tee : LittleUrbanApparel 
This tee from LB Brand sums it up perfectly…
Protector – There is something so strong within me that wants to protect Hugo all day everyday but little by little I know I will have to let go. The biggest first step for me is coming up when he starts nursery in a couple of months.
Lover – This is something that words cannot even begin to describe, it’s a deep routed physical feeling that was birthed along with Hugo. A love like no other, he’s a part of me, he’s mine and I would die for him if I had to.
Mother – It’s true that mother nature is a phenomenal thing, the way it kicks in at just the right time. I felt that those first few weeks where it was just Hugo and I were so valuable in building my confidence in becoming a mum. Feeling so scared with this vulnerable little baby in my hands but I just had to trust myself  and know that I’d do the best job I could. Just as every baby is different, every mother is different so don’t beat yourself up in comparing yourself to others as you my lovely friend are doing an incredible job. There are tough times, yes, but don’t those smiles and tender touches on your face with those chubby little fingers make it all worth it!
Thank you to the LB Brand for helping me to think more deeply about my role and to wear it with pride on this tee. I kept it simple with the monochrome vibe by teaming it with some high waisted drop crotch trousers and a pair of heels both from Zara.
I promise I’ll give you more of an update on Hugo very soon but until then have a lovely week!
Lots of love
Sally & Hugo

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