Sally Fazeli

I’ve given in. I think I’ve started nesting!! 

With only 10 weeks left until the birth of my third baby, I’m feeling the love and appreciation for the home I’ve created with hubby, Ayman and our cheeky two sons, Hugo and Remy.

Four weeks ago, Ayman and I celebrated 15 years together – 15 years! Who’d have thought bumping into each other outside a pizza takeaway on a student night out would’ve led us here? ⁣⁣

We’ve both grown and changed in many ways over the years, but through it all, we’ve grown stronger together.

Emerging from the second round of COVID-19 restrictions, we are grateful to guide and support each other in the raising of our children –  I’m sure many of you would agree that while the experience of being confined with your kids has its blessings, it’s not without difficulty!

As my belly grows bigger in this pregnancy, my energy grows less, and even though my desire to spend time with the boys never dims, there are days when it’s simply exhausting just to get out of bed!

Having Ayman to depend on, means I can allow myself to ease into hibernation mode, and still find time to focus on my needs, which as mothers and wives, we can easily overlook while nurturing the needs of our families.

Reclaiming myself as a woman with my own path to lead, beyond motherhood is something I came face-to-face with after I had Remy, my second son. 

I remember an overwhelming feeling of

“’who am I when I’m not mummy?” and “Is this my purpose just to be a mother and raise these beautiful boys?”

Have you ever had similar thoughts?

For a while, I thought motherhood was it, but then something kept niggling away at the back of my mind.

The desire to find me again, and to get to know who I am. Beyond being a mother and a wife, what else makes me happy, feel alive, and feel fulfilled?

It was then, at the start of 2019 that I felt the call to practise yoga again.

I started meditating, journalling and even dancing again. It felt so good as before becoming a mum I used to do this regularly.

The next thing I know, I found myself on a yoga teacher training course, enrolling onto coaching programmes, self-development courses, and workshops! 

It was exhilarating to learn again, and I felt hungry for it. Submerging myself into self-education, I listened to my inner voice and allowed it to guide me from one soul-nourishing thing to the next. 

Now, nearly two years on, I’m in a completely different place.

I have a new career, I feel fulfilled in what I’m doing, and I’m so happy that I get to help other women on their path of healing and discovering their life’s purpose.

I’m continually expanding my wings, becoming aware and following where I feel guided next. There is no finish line with this work because it’s all about growth, evolving and becoming more conscious of my truth and aligning myself with that.

I’m still Sally, I’m still a mum, I’m still a wife, daughter, sister, friend and all the rest but I am also still becoming who I am.

Motherhood helped me discover my purpose, and it’s only just getting started! I’m excited to bring you with me on my journey and to hear about yours. So tell me below, where you are in your season of motherhood? And, where is your intuition guiding you next?