Layered necklaces; ‘Gold Vermeil Tag’ necklace and ‘Gold Vermeil Infinity’ necklace both from Velvet Parsnips the Infinity necklace has a special meaning behind it which you can read more about here. My beautiful vintage gold locket was my push present when I gave birth to Hugo from my hubby and will forever be close to my heart.
Large bear blanket from Noah & Bowie

This beautiful navy dress is from Dancing Leopard and is my second item of clothing from this lovely independent brand. You’ll find that a lot of their pieces are great for evening looks or daytime boho vibe looks too which are secretly my ultimate fave! I thought seeing as though we were taking a trip to the beach I would try and go for that chilled boho look as I actually can’t remember the last time I went out out at night #mamalife. Most of the items I’ve come across on their website have adjustable straps and a tie waist which I think is an added bonus for mamas who are pregnant or fitting into things post-baby too or breast feeding mamas come to think about it as you can easily slide the material to the side :). For those of you based in the UK this is also a UK based online store (although they still ship worldwide) so postage is quick and cheap which is refreshing as most brands I fall in love with like this are from abroad :).
Keeping it short and sweet for today but my next post will be the other way around… less pictures and more sharing about my current struggles that I’ve been facing, so stay tuned!
Lots of love
Sally & 11 month Hugo


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