It comes around once a year, the day where people openly express their love for one another. Some in secret and some loud and proud. And some not at all, as yes why should someone feel that they HAVE to express their love on that one day of the year, February 14th, when they can express it every day of the year? I have to admit there is an element of me that agrees with the latter but that being said…

I guess I am a little romantic at heart, there’s no need to shower me with gifts though or the need to go for an expensive meal out. No, I’m easily pleased… a fresh bouquet of flowers, some chocolates (absolutely essential) and time with my main man is all I need. Oh and of course a card where I know Ayman has taken the time to sit down and put his feelings onto paper… I always feel like the greatest gift we can give each other is time – not material things. I’m one of those who likes an essay in a card and Ayman is a journalist so I have high expectations!

Since having Hugo we’ve often scrapped the idea of going out on Valentine’s night and instead opted for an easy dine-in dinner; something we can quickly throw together in the comfort of our own home often followed by a film and chocolates whilst we snuggle up on the sofa. I don’t think this year is going to be any different and I can’t wait; it’s actually been ages since we’ve snuggled up on the sofa together without laptops, phones or other distractions!

There he is my handsome man, how lucky am I?

Let me tell you a little sweet story…

14th February 2017 will be our 12th Valentine’s Day and I remember our first like it was yesterday. We were both students with little or shall I say no money and we were only three months into our relationship, completely head over heels in love with one another already. I remember Ayman giving me a little box – like a necklace box… some could have mistaken it for jewellery but it was far too light for it to be that. I opened it up to find 101 tiny slips of red paper and on each piece of paper he had written 101 reasons why he loved me. I was so shocked, how could he know of 101 reasons why he loved me after only three months? Maybe I’m just a really lovable person haha. I have of course kept this gift and it now lives in my memory box along with all sorts of other bits and pieces that I can’t and don’t want to part with. (Note – Ayman will hate that I’ve divulged this haha).

So there’s always sentimental and thoughtful gifts that can do the trick if you’re struggling for money at the moment or simply don’t want to spend a bomb on Valentine’s gifts. It’s not about how much money you spend is it? I love that our relationship has never been about that.

Ayman has always had quite a strong traditional side to him where he likes to be romantic at special times of the year and go the extra mile. He doesn’t do it all the time which I quite like as it makes it that bit more special when he does. Of course there’s always room to buy me more flowers though because I don’t think a girl could ever be spoiled with enough fresh flowers could they? These beautiful flowers are actually from Tesco as part of the Tesco Finest Rose Lily collection, aren’t they beautiful? To be honest I didn’t really associate Tesco with quality flowers and had no idea that they stocked such gorgeous luxury bouquets; lots of them are accompanied with lovely vases that you can use time again which is an added bonus gift too.

So I think that’s us for this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find us well fed and closely nestled into our sofa hopefully with a child who goes to sleep without any fuss. And if Ayman’s reading this, a nice foot rub wouldn’t go amiss too (I know he’ll definitely read this by the way haha ;)). I think I deserve one at 34 weeks pregnant, don’t you?

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!

Lots of love

Sally x

Tesco kindly sponsored this post – thank you Tesco. As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own. As mentioned on my collaboration page, if I truly can’t relate to – or naturally endorse – a product or service, it’s not for me. I only feature products that I really love.