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I have also uploaded my recent video so you can see the items in motion too!

This is a more informative post of what I consider to be a few items that have been a major blessing to have in the first few months of having Hugo. They are purely my experiences of them and I’m just passing on the recommendations as they’ve worked for me so far. So here it is… my top 10 recommended products for a newborn baby:

1. Cocoonababy by Red Castle
I cannot recommend this item enough! Hugo slept so soundly in it from the very first time we put him in it as a newborn. Not only that but as a new mum there’s always that little niggle at the back of your mind about cot death (sorry to raise this but it’s a pertinent issue) so for me knowing that this greatly reduced the chance of it happening was really reassuring. It keeps the baby’s head slightly tilted rather than flat so it helps prevent flat-head syndrome and is also well known for preventing Colic. I can’t describe it better myself than it explains it on the website so here’s the link to read up on it more and all the reasons why we invested in one. The Cocoonababy fits in our moses basket too and is going to be a good transition to pop it in his cot for a few nights to settle him into moving into his own room when that time comes.

We bought ours for £75 off Gumtree from someone who only had it for few weeks so it was like new. I wouldn’t buy it second hand from someone who has had it longer than a month as it’s important it moulds to the shape and weight of your baby – it’s almost memory-foam like. Normal RRP is £130.

2. Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer
This has kept Hugo content and happy for those times I need to get some jobs done whether it be the endless amount of washing, a quick shower or even just to make a cup of coffee. It has a gentle vibration and a ‘branch’ that canopies over the chair with a dangly owl on which he seems so infatuated by.

Amazon £36.29

3. Sound Sleeper iPhone App
This is a great app as it has lots of different sounds that help soothe your baby. As babies are in the womb for nine months they are used to lots of natural sound so this app is perfect to comfort them and help settle them to sleep whether you put womb sounds on or the calming ocean waves, it’s free too so it’s always worth a try.
4. Tiny Love Cot Mobile
This again is great when I’m upstairs and need to get ready and leave Hugo somewhere safe. I often find him babbling to the little animals as they move around above his head. It’s also great at night as well as it includes a night light and lullaby music; the only negative is that it can become a little too stimulating but your baby will tell you when they’ve had enough.

On offer at Amazon £39.99

5. Play Mat from Mothercare
There are so many amazing play mats but I was bought one from some of my close friends. I don’t think it particularly matters too much which one you get as they all seem great for assisting with tummy time and for them to interact with objects and develop their grabbing and coordination skills.
6. Cutie Clip
Dummies have pros and cons but for us using a dummy has been great to comfort Hugo as he just constantly wants something soothing in his mouth! He doesn’t use it all the time which is good but it’s been great to settle him at different times. I was sent a ‘Cutie Clip’ from Ryan & Rose a couple of weeks ago and honestly it’s been so useful as it clips the dummy to your baby’s clothes – meaning no more AWOL dummies. They’ve got really cool designs too to go with different outfits. A very useful little gadget!
7. Baby Feed iPhone App
This app is good if you want to keep track of your baby’s feeds as well as nappy changes etc I only use it for feeds though as you could spend your whole day logging every finer detail. I’ve found it particularly useful as I’m breastfeeding and it tells you which side you need to feed with next. The best thing that I like about it though is I can see if Hugo is picking up any feeding habits and sleeping patterns in the night and see when he must be having a growth spurt because of the non stop feeding!
8. My Baby iPhone App (from BabyCentre)
This has been great as it shares guidelines on the different developmental stages that babies go through so you know what to expect and know what’s normal etc. It’s a nice little daily read as I’m doing one of his feeds during the day and it’s also comforting when you start to see your baby doing what the app suggests.
9. Widgey Pillow
Especially if you’ve got a big baby like me, at times your arms may start to ache whilst feeding or nursing him and this pillow is great as you can pop it around you and it supports your arm whilst holding your baby. It’s also multi-purpose as you can prop your baby in it as it supports their back and neck.

Amazon I bought mine for £14.99

10. Mobile for Car Seat or Pram
It can be a little unsettling the first time you leave your baby in the back of the car whilst your driving and can’t really see their little face but popping something on the car seat to keep them entertained could be all that you need. My sister bought this one from Mamas & Papas and it’s been great to use on my car seat and in my pram.
MamasandPapas £12.71
So there you have it, my top ten things that have helped us to settle into parenthood. Let’s see what other goodies and gadgets will arrive at Christmas!
Lots of love Sally