Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life but can also be one of the most daunting with thoughts like ‘am I prepared enough?’ and ‘do I have everything I need to bring this little human into the world?’

The answer I’m sure will be yes! There is a tendency to be over-prepared these days, thinking we need all the latest gadgets and gizmos but actually babies are pretty simple and as long as they have you close by for lots of snuggles, they get their milk, sleep and nappy changes they actually don’t need much more than that.

However, that being said, there are so many amazing baby products out there designed to make our lives as mothers (and fathers) that tad bit easier and also offer a little more comfort and joy to our little loved ones.

I wrote a list of my top 10 baby products three years ago just after I had Hugo (can view it here) but after re-reading it, it’s about time I updated it as a few things have changed for me since then, my eyes have been opened to new and different products, and I also cringe a little at how old it looks haha.

Please watch my YOUTUBE video below too so you can see a lot of these items in action and what they’re like in real life so-to-speak. FYI I have condensed the video talking about my top ’20 Recommended Baby Products’ so it’s not too long 🙂


I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much in one post so I’m going to try and keep it as succinct as possible and focus on other areas in other posts.

So here goes…

Nursing / Maternity Pillow

bbhugme pillow

I could not scream and shout about this product enough!! I used it when I was pregnant to support the bump when sleeping and I use it every day now for nursing. I even prop Remy up in it by tying the ends together as sometimes he likes to just sit and watch me around the room. We use it for other things too like when we’re all chilling out at night and having story time, we just pop it behind all our heads – it’s absolutely fab!! Also the rubber pebbles (which tie the ends) are great for teething babies too as they’re made from BPA-free silicone rings – so comforting for our little teething bubba at the moment!

PROMO – if you do want to purchase one of these from bbhugme, in the check out area if you write in the comment section SallyFazeli they will add a complimentary lavender cotton sleeve 🙂 Valid September 2017.

High Chair / Rocker from Newborn Upwards

Highchair UP!

This fabulous highchair is from Kidsmill (you can look for a retailer near you HERE) and is designed so that your newborn can enjoy mealtimes along with the rest of the family at a similar eye level too. It’s so lovely being able to see little Remy’s face and how much he enjoys watching us all. I think it will help prepare him for when we’re ready to start weaning too as he’ll be used to seeing everyone eating together.  When this time comes we’ll change the newborn attachment into the next stage of the highchair and then from there it continues to grow with your child into a normal dining seat.

The other amazing feature is the newborn attachment slides onto a rocker base to become a rocker chair. Remy absolutely loves it and it’s great for moving around into different rooms as and when you need to as well.

Baby Sleep Supports

Both of these items are so easy to move around the house from room-to-room.


I never had one of these with Hugo but after having one with Remy I totally get why everyone raves about them so much. It’s great for keeping your little ones as snug as a bug and helps them feel a little more secure knowing they’ve got a soft surrounding protecting them. It’s also fab for tummy time as well and super easy to transport if you’re traveling.

I found it particularly great in the first few weeks of Remy’s life where we co-slept as it helped us feel a little more safe knowing he had his own personal space without us rolling on him or anything.


I used the Cacoonababy with Hugo as I didn’t have the Sleepyhead then and he absolutely loved it. It’s basically an ergonomic cocoon that helps newborn babies transition to the outside world more peacefully and because of the gentle curved position it can help reduce reflux problems, flat head syndrome and improve their quality of sleep. It comes with a tummy band too which helps reassure the baby without restricting their movement. Again this is super easy to move from room-to-room too. The bonus with this is that it fits in Remy’s beautiful crib. Sometimes if he was restless we’d move him onto the Sleepyhead in-between us during the night.

Bouncer / Rocker Chairs

LEVO Baby Rocker

I couldn’t have underestimated how useful this beautiful baby rocker has been. There were some days I remember trying Remy in everything we had and this was the only chair he finally settled in and would sleep peacefully in for a good amount of time. I would go as far as saying it has been Remy’s favourite chair! It’s simple and classic which goes hand-in-hand with its stunning scandinavian design which I love as it compliments our bedroom decor perfectly. I also sometimes pop the lovely wooden play gym over it sometimes so Remy can enjoy batting those around whilst still being able to see me around the room.

4Moms Mamaroo (current best value one)

If only they made these for adults, babies have the life don’t they haha? They rock, sway and bounce just like us dedicated parents do when we’re trying to settle our little ones. What’s great about this futuristic looking chair is that it comes with different motions as well as different speeds and also has a selection of different white noise sounds to choose from too. You have the option to plug in your own music to it and you can control it via an app on your phone, how’s that for modern life eh?!

Items like this make me think back to the olden days and what they would have thought about such things and can you imagine in another 100 years the things they’re going to have that we can’t even imagine now! Sorry going off on a tangent there but it’s true. Our babies are so blessed aren’t they!

Play Gyms / Play Mat

Woodland Birch Play Gym

This pretty play gym is not only super lovely to look at but it keeps Remy entertained long enough so I can get ready for the day too – double winner! You can adjust the height as your baby grows and I adore the sweet wooden and soft knitted toys that it comes with too, all made from organic cotton and non-toxic, natural untreated Indian hardwood.

It looks so pretty in our room and I love that Remy genuinely loves it too, I love watching him and seeing his concentration as he tries to grasp them in his hands. The little toys are also really versatile and great for using on things like prams, car seats and cots too as they’re fastened on with poppers.

Discount code: use code SALLY15 for 15% off for all of September 2017 at Lily & Fred

Fisherprice Rainforest play gym

Although in an ideal world we’d love everything to compliment our minimal decor and look pretty to look at we all know that the brighter the better for babies! They LOVE colour don’t they, ok I know they only see in black and white to begin with but there’s no denying how these colourful items soon catch their eyes.

Remy has lots of tummy time on this mat as well as trying with all his concentration to pull on the butterfly mobiles above which also activate the playful sounds and lights on the toucan. I generally have this downstairs and move it from room to room. Machine washable and super fun for babies. I found it the cheapest at Tesco Direct but always worth googling before you purchase as it may change.

Cam Cam play mat / quilt

This is actually called a quilt but we use it as a beautiful play mat too. It normally lives on top of Hugo’s duvet in his room but we like laying it on the floor and putting toys on it to make it a comfortable place to play in without Remy picking up fluff from the carpet and things. It’s also machine washable and I love the Scandi design too – can you see them running with some of my fave pieces yet haha. Scandi design all the way!

You can get these in different sizes by the way depending on the space and size of your beds.

Baby Carriers


Mezaya Baby Sling / Fornessi Wrap / Ergo baby carrier

I’m a massive fan of baby wearing! Always have been and always will! I actually wrote a post about baby wearing here after I had Hugo. There’s endless amounts of benefits to it and of course it means all the more snuggles and kisses with your babe.

It’s been so lovely since having Remy that I can help support some amazing independent British brands though and none other than my favourites Mezaya Baby slings and Fornessi wraps. They both fold up really small so you can pop them in your changing bag should you need them when out and about and perfect for wearing them around the house too.

Mezaya Baby slings

The Mezaya slings make wearing your baby so stylish, I love the more relaxed, bohemian vibe they ooze and the beautiful fabrics are super gorgeous. I would say wearing a sling is the quickest way to wear your baby when you’re in a rush as you literally just pop it in on with one swoop hehe. Make sure you cap the material over one of your shoulders when using these to give your back the best support.

Fornessi wraps

These wraps are so incredibly comfy to wear as the material is super light and stretchy and really support your baby well. I would recommend these as a must for wearing your baby as a newborn especially as you can kind of cocoon them in from toes to the top of their heads. As with all baby wearing it feels like the most natural transition for your baby from being in the womb to be being securely snuggled up next to your heart – it’s such a comfort for them. Once you’ve got the hang of how to use the wrap – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Ergo Baby Carrier

I’ve only recently received this carrier and I have used it so much already. It’s really quick and easy to put on and it means curious Remy can also face out and see the world in front of him too. It’s super comfy to wear even for long periods of time as it feels like it gives your back a little more padded support which is great for me now as Remy is growing into a pretty big and heavy boy! It’s also fab for longer walks and doing exercise in and because it’s really robust – it’s great for hubbies and partners to wear too!

The photo below is from the founder of CariFit who promotes baby wearing exercise!

Baby Bath Supports

Angel care bath support

I have a few different bath supports but the best for me is the Angelcare bath support as it’s great for putting in the big bath and really supports your baby well allowing them to kick and splash on their own (obviously I never leave Remy unattended!). It keeps Remy pretty safe and secure especially when he takes baths with his excitable big bro Hugo who may get a little wild in the bath from time-to-time.

I have the grey one which I bought from Mothercare here as they have exclusivity of that colour but you can also buy it in pink and blue which are about £10 cheaper from most baby retailers.

Blooming bath support

This is so pretty for photos and it’s super comfy for your babes as they have a lovely velvet finish but the only thing is, it takes ages to dry and is a bit of a nightmare to squeeze the water out of. So for this reason I’ve only used a handful of times.

Puj Baby Tub Support

These are perfect for sink baths but not ideal to put in a bath tub. They’re great for travelling as they flat pack and super light and they dry really quickly.


To help your baby drift off to sleep

Ewan the Sheep

The best soft toy your baby will ever have! It has the most realistic ‘womb sounds’ that I’ve heard compared to all the other apps and teddies I’ve seen and it also has other soothing sounds you can play to comfort your baby. It plays for 20 minutes giving ample time to settle and soothe your baby off to sleep and often in those early days, me too haha. The lovely warm pinky red light that glows through the fleece is such a lovely comfort to your baby after being in your womb for so long too. I obviously bought the grey version again but you can buy this in purple too.

Free Baby Apps to Download

I sometimes use these in the pram and other places to help settle Remy when out and about too.

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime App – I’ve written a more in-depth blog post about this HERE but the white noise and lullabies are amazing to help your baby drift off.

Phillips Avent uGrow baby development tracker – This is a great general all-round app for keeping track of when your baby feeds, eats, sleeps and poops and their weight and growth which is probably the most useful for the first few months of your babies life. Again I’ve written a more in-depth post about it HERE 

Sound sleeper app

Sleep Baby Sleep app

Spotify – I adore so many of Spotify’s playlists. Remy seems to always settle really well to their piano playlists. If you fancy having a look yourself, when you’re on Spotify this is what you need to press:

BROWSE – SLEEP – PEACEFUL PIANO PLAYLIST and they have white noise playlists too, just find what works for you.


Toys for Pram / Carseat

Freddie the Firefly

You can’t go wrong with any Lamaze toys to be honest; Remy has Freddie the Firefly and absolutely loves it. We use it on his car seat and pram and it keeps him entertained for ages! It’s super bright and stimulating… giving these babes exactly what they crave.

Teething Beaded Pram / Stroller Garland

Made by Blossom & Bear, available at Lily & Fred; this beautiful teething garland really catches the eye of your little one too with the strong black and white colours and it complements most decor too which I love!

Discount code: use code SALLY15 for 15% off for all of September 2017 at Lily & Fred

To help clear their airways

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

Not the most glamorous of things to buy but I’m so glad we did. Especially when Remy was a newborn he seemed to get super snotty and congested and this really helped to clear the blockage. Also don’t worry you don’t get it in your mouth haha! It’s super easy to use and great to have ‘just in case’.

Calpol Saline Spray / Drops

Carol Soothe & Care Vapour Plug & Nightlight 


Hooded Baby Towels

Is there anything better than stepping out of the shower or bath and wrapping yourself in a snuggly soft towel? Well babies love it too and I’d definitely recommend a hooded towel because they lose so much heat from their heads so it ensures they quickly feel snug again after being lifted out.

These are some of my faves if you like cute, soft and beautiful designs.

CamCamCopenhagen – I adore their timeless designs.

Molly & Moo – Their bunny towel is definitely the cutest. Use code SALLYSEP17 for 15% discount, valid for September 2017

Baby MORI  – You can get these personalised too and super soft.

Cuddle dry – These have really fun designs for toddlers too.

Baby Sleeping / Grow Bags

Sleeping bags for babies allow them to keep super snug, warm and cosy but also safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to pull the blanket over their head and cause any harm. They allow their arms to be free whilst keeping secure over their shoulders, torso and legs.

These are some of my fave designs:

CamCam Copenhagen

The Little Green Sheep


Muslins / Swaddles

Once you have a baby you’ll realise that you will never leave the house without a muslin, in fact you’ll make sure that everywhere you go even at home you have a muslin tucked in your jeans or draped over your shoulder ‘just in case’. You can never have too many muslins!!

Great for when burping your baby, mopping up sick, wiping runny noses and dribbly mouths and you’ll also use them as blankets in and out the house, nursing covers, swaddles and as shades over your pram. They are quite simply one of the most used things you’ll have once you have a baby.

As you can imagine there are SO many companies offering beautiful muslins but these are some of the best ones that we’ve tried and tested and even after lots of washes they still feel so incredibly soft. I also recommend getting them in different sizes because I use them all for different needs.

These are some that I rate:

Little Blue Nest – these do beautiful muslin quilts too which Remy adores because he loves sucking on muslins instead of taking a dummy – whatever floats your boat haha. You can now get 15% off their bundle options here.

XOve Baby

Molly and Moo – Use code SALLYSEP17 for 15% discount, valid for September 2017

CamCam Copenhagen

Mama Designs

Nest Designs

Baby Blankets

The reason you need a baby blanket is pretty self-explanatory but you’ll definitely use them for lots of different things like; the pram, car seat, when you’re holding them and want to keep them a little warmer. I’d also recommend that you buy at least one cellular blanket so if they ever did lift it over their face when you weren’t watching they can still breathe and be happy :). Each of the high street stores I’ve tagged below have lovely selections of these too.

Here are some of my faves:

The Little Green Sheep

Max & Moose – these are great for swaddling as well

Blankets and cellular blankets from highstreet stores – M&S, John Lewis , Mamas and Papas and The White Company.


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So there we have it – my top recommended baby items! Some I view as essential and some just to make our life a little more easier and enjoyable as parents and for our babies. Please remember every baby is different and has their own individual needs so not everything I’ve mentioned here may be for you but I hope it still gives you inspiration and ideas of what to look for if you need to prepare for a new baby.

Finally, don’t forget to check out my YouTube video HERE which shows a lot of these items in action so you get a better idea of what they’re like and you can SUBSCRIBE to my channel HERE 🙂

Please leave any questions below and thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

Have a great week!

Love Sally


*This post was NOT sponsored by any of the brands included, I have bought some of these items myself as well as being gifted some items from different brands and also from friends and family. I have just done a collection of the items that have worked well for us as a family no matter where they have come from 🙂 *