There are days where you feel you absolutely kick ass in your role of being a mother. These days might involve you giving your children 100% attention all day, tire them out doing fun activities mostly outdoors, lots of messy play without feeling anxious inside, they eat well, nap well, no crazy tantrums, no bribes or white lies, they have zero/minimal screen time and to put the cherry on top… the house stays completely perfect and tidy.


Please tell me if I’m missing something but I’m pretty sure those days don’t exist? Do they?!

My typical day usually includes lots of bartering like saying to Hugo first thing in the morning ‘if you go for a wee then we can go downstairs and have breaky’ or at night when he’s running away when I’m trying to get him in his pyjamas, ‘if you keep running away then there’ll be no bedtime book, last chance’. Yep, I know I’m resorting to bribing a four-year-old but I tell you what; Hugo gives as good as he gets! He’s become the best negotiator I know.

For example, if he knows we have treats in the cupboard and they’re within his reach he won’t just pinch one; he’ll get three and come to me and say ‘I’ve got you this Mummy and one for Remy and one for me.’ Clever really, how can I be mad when he’s thinking of us all?

Can’t get over Remy’s face in this pic… too cheeky!

It’s hard on those more testing days to not feel like you’ve failed as a mother but believe me when I say this you absolutely haven’t failed. You are doing amazing and those kids are so lucky to have you, they blooming adore you Mama!

Don’t worry if you’ve shouted at your kids, you’ve had to try and escape in another room on your own for five minutes, you’ve had to do work when your child is with you, you had to give them phones, TV time, Kindles etc just to restore your own sanity… it’s ok and that is all totally normal, well I hope it is because these are all things that I’ve had to do. Never feel on your own!

I’ve definitely grown in patience and to take each moment as it comes. Life with children is unpredictable and you really have to find your own rhythm. What works for one family might not work for yours, focus on what works for you and brings joy and peace in your home. We all have our own beautiful crazy and chaotic lives and don’t ever think that someone else has a more perfect life than you. Some people are just better at hiding the more difficult times, I’m sure the Duchess of Cambridge with her young royal princes and princess still endure testing times.

In all honesty, having children has helped me to grow in every dimension of my life. I love beyond measure, I work harder, I dream more and these children of mine are part of the reason I want to work for these dreams to come true. They have taught me to forgive and forget quickly, to be more patient, to share everything I have with them (even my very last bite of chocolate), they can quickly put life in perspective for me and ultimately they help me to live every moment to the fullest.

I’m excited to see how my parenting journey evolves as my boys grow older, they make looking forward to the future so much more exciting and I feel so blessed to have them, they really are my world.

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Thanks so much for reading and please let me know if you can relate to any of the above, would love to hear some of your crazy parenting experiences

Have a great week!

Lots of love