It’s all about embracing the 34 week Fazeli baby bump…
How cute are all these little baby grows, socks and bibs… great idea for decorating a baby shower!
A cheeky selfie of my special day to celebrate Fazeli bump
The mouth watering food including my all time favourites cheese and pineapple squares on a stick.
Cakes including lots of gluten free ones for me to enjoy plus a jug of Pimms for the non-pregnant ones!
Chocolate fondue… I literally found myself drinking the chocolate from the cup it was that good!
Home-made bunting by one of my besties and lots of games & well wishes for baby Fazeli.
 How hard can it be to measure the bump? I think I must look the size of a hippo to some people…
…you can always count on your mum to get it right though!
Guess the baby food
Make your own baby grow or bib for baby Fazeli
 Look how amazing the prizes were… baby bottles filled with yummy sweets!
My chosen baby shower dress from ASOS… I’m going to do another post featuring this beautiful garment soon!
<3 Can’t wait to to put this on our little baby <3
 A few more of the absolutely beautiful gifts I received… baby Fazeli is already one very blessed little person!
There were even more fun games that we did so please feel free to ask for any more details or ideas on the perfect baby shower. Oh and I know it’s not really become a big thing in England yet to do baby showers but in my opinion there’s nothing better than getting all my fave girls together, enjoying lots of yummy food, playing silly games and most of all embracing the beautiful baby bump!
Thanks for stopping by and reading a bit more of a personal post from me.
Lots of love
Sally & now 35 week bump (eek 5 week count down!)