‘Behind every crawling baby, there’s a parent who’s trying to put back their trail of destruction…’

Last year for Mother’s Day as well as a combined ‘push’ present for having Remy, Ayman bought me a Dyson V6 Trigger handheld vacuum. You might be thinking that’s the most misogynistic Mother’s Day present ever haha but for me it was THE BEST – and to be fair, I had requested it.

Quite a few friends and family members already had one and they raved about how useful they were. I quickly realised I needed one in my life so I dropped a few (un)subtle hints and when it finally arrived, I was never so happy to be taking on one of life’s most dreary household chores.

If you have young children at home, you’ll be able to relate to this next point… they don’t really follow the concept of ‘no mess, please’ or ‘don’t make crumbs’ – in fact, they seem on a mission to create exactly the opposite. More recently, I’ve adopted the stance of ‘You’ve made the mess so you help clean it up’… as a result, Hugo’s now quite a whizz using the old handheld vacuum; I think he actually enjoys using it and deliberately creates chaos so that he gets entrusted with the role of cleaning it all up!

Ok, so onto the exciting part.

Last week Dyson contacted me to see if I wanted to review the latest edition of their cordless vacuum range – the ‘Dyson Cyclone V10‘. Of course, as an existing, member of the Dyson fan club, I said ‘YES’!

As I unboxed this mighty machine and switched it on, I kinda squealed with sheer excitement – don’t judge me. I’m sure it purred like a tiger and it definitely wasn’t my imagination. It reminded me of that famous quote, ‘Although he be but little, he is fierce’.

If you watch my video below you’ll understand why I love this product so much and why I’m super excited to share it with you.


It’s ridiculously quick and efficient; you can carry it up and downstairs with ease and vacuum the stairs as you go – a task that I would normally hate but now attack with gusto.

Here are some specific points on why I particularly love this handheld vacuum – the Dyson Cyclone V10:

  • It goes for up to 60 minutes without being plugged in so you can whizz around without cutting corners worrying that the charge is going to run out.
  • It’s cordless which means no more tripping over wires and no more throwing wires across the room as you manoeuvre yourself around.
  • So many different nozzles to ensure you get to every nook and cranny (apologies – that might only be a saying us Brits are aware of!)
  • Despite its lightweight profile, it has the suction power of a normal sized vacuum (does this basically mean that there’s no need for a big vacuum cleaner now?).
  • It’s light enough that you can use it one-handed.
  • The long attachment means that you can suck up spiderwebs from the high corners in the ceilings – kinda crucial in our house.
  • It’s amazing to use in the car too and on the car seats where those biscuit crumbs tend to fester.
  • The bin is really easy to empty.
  • The bin is also 40% bigger.
  • It’s easy to get rid of long hair in the device which is a necessity for me.
  • I think it’s really powerful on all floor types.
  • It looks super sleek and I especially like the rose gold / copper coloured stem part.
  • My husband is more likely to use it too…!

We’ve had this for a week now and it’s already been a bit of a game changer for us. It actually feels like it takes less time cleaning up mess meaning more time to play with my children.

One of the main reasons I initially got this product was because of weaning and how much mess babies make in this process. I started really dreading meal times because it felt like the clean up process was always a mammoth task but now I honestly have no worries as we can suck it up in seconds.

If there’s one product that I would recommend to make your life easier as a parent then this would be it hands down and that’s the honest truth of it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! I really hope that it’s given you a little more insight as to how I would personally use it being a busy mum and ‘food for thought’ for yourself if you’re perhaps contemplating buying one.

Have a great week!

Love Sally


I’m proud to say this post was kindly sponsored by Dyson. As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only blog about brands, products and services that I truly connect with, would genuinely use, and would legitimately recommend to others.