It’s finally time to share with you all what I do in my life outside of blogging / social media and family life.

I work in my family jewellery business called Tienne and when I say ‘family business’ it’s my mum Cheryl and sister-in-law Joy who are the owners and just this past year on my return from maternity leave, I too have been given a part-directorship which I’ve been absolutely over the moon about, after working there for over 10 years. I’ve always treated it as my own business anyway which I think is a natural thing when you work for a company you love and want it to be successful. I never thought I’d end up working here for the long term to be honest but whenever I thought about doing something different or took time away, I realised how much I missed the customers, the people who I work with and my job in general and so I made the decision that this is definitely where I want to be.

Since returning after maternity leave in June I’ve taken more of a back seat ‘behind the scenes’ role working on our multi-brand stores and developing our online presence. These last few months I’ve been working really hard with our web design team to come up with a new website that not only looks the part but also provides a sleek, smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

One of my favourite parts of this job is discovering new beautiful jewellery designers that aren’t too saturated in the market and are a bit more individual in design.

Two of my personal favourites are Missoma and Muru jewellery and because of this I have built a unique code SALLYXMAS to use on both these two brands on checkout and you will receive a special 15% discount on full priced items until 23rd December 2015.


Muru offers so many beautiful designs but what I love most is they all come with individual cards with the meaning of that symbol which makes them so much more personal and sentimental. Here is my first piece from their collection called ‘Ancient Coin Necklace‘ and it symbolises prosperity. Please see our full collection of Muru here.

In these last two photos, I have layered it with my personalised Missoma necklace. This will be available on our website very soon.


I fell in love with this brand a couple of years ago and I was so excited when we first got it in stock although my husband probably wasn’t when he saw our bank balance! Their ‘Little Treasures’ and ‘Walk the Line’ range are particularly meaningful for me as their son bracelet reminds me of Hugo everyday. My sister-in-law Joy gave it to me for Christmas last year and I’m normally awful with surprises but this one was the best surprise ever and honestly I think I’ve only taken it off a couple of times and that’s only when swimming or applying fake tan! I think for any mama, having something to remind you of your children is something to cherish and if you’re like me, you’ll never want to take it off.

You can view our full Missoma collection here.

I thought I’d show you the different combinations of the ‘Little Treasures’ bracelets and necklaces as I know not everyone is a gold girl like myself.

Overview of Tienne

In a nutshell we have one Pandora (franchise) store and three multi-branded Tienne jewellery stores all located in the north-west of England in towns called Southport and Preston. Exact locations can be seen here if you’re ever in the vicinity. We stock well-known brands like Swarovski, Thomas Sabo, Daniel Wellington, Daisy London and Nomination Italy as well as more of what I call independent boutique ranges like Annie Haak, Azendi, Muru, Missoma and Alex Monroe. Spotting and acquiring interesting boutique brands of this nature is something that gives me a real buzz.

I really hope you’ve not found this blog post a bit boring with me wittering on about what I do! I’ve often had interest in my background and my working life does overlap quite a bit with my fashion and lifestyle blogging so I thought it would make sense to shed more light on my day-to-day life. I’m also frequently asked about where my jewellery comes from so now you know and the discount code is just for you guys if there’s anything you like.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on our new website whether positive or negative! I am in the process of adding more beautiful jewellery to the site so if this is of interest, keep your eye out in the days and weeks to come.

Have a great week!
Lots of love

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