Hello my lovelies,

How are we all?

Well I think it’s long overdue to give you a bit of a Hugo and Sally update along with some recent pics that we took a couple of weekends ago. This one above is one of my absolute faves of us, I just love the playful eye-contact between us both.

When I stop to really look at him is it strange to say that it actually hurts sometimes because I almost feel like I love him too much but that can’t be possible can it?! It’s actually a little scary because with every little step he takes I know I have to give him that little bit more freedom and independence to go and discover this world and his part in it and I can only protect him for what feels like a moment of it. Thank goodness for guardian angels they help me sleep at night and sane during the day :).


Did you know I have a lane and cottage named after me? Well now you do 😉


On another note are we really only three months away from Hugo turning TWO?! These past two years have been THE most happiest years of my life so enriched and blessed, it’s hard to imagine that I could experience this all over again with another baby (when the timing is right ;)) and how much my heart would swell seeing Hugo being the bestest big brother ever… I can’t wait!


Hugo’s vocabulary has come on so well recently, he’s stringing words together to make his own little sentences and one of the best things I absolutely adore about him, even if he doesn’t know what something is called he always gives it a go and hazards a guess. Yesterday I was changing his nappy and he came out with ‘it stinks’ with his face all scrunched up and his hand waving across his nose. Where he learnt that from I don’t know but it made me laugh so much! He’s a little comedian that boy.

He’s also taken a shine to singing and we wake up most mornings to the sound of his little angelic voice singing a medley of lots of different nursery rhymes all mixed together… his fave is obviously ‘binkle binkle little star’ and when he’s not singing that he’s making up his own words to the tune of it – quite clever really. Maybe a singer / songwriter in the making. Also just sayin’ aren’t children’s singing voices possibly THE cutest things to listen to in the world?!


Finally…obsessed with books! In Hugo’s first year of life I always felt like I needed to be doing more especially in the book department, I’d always hear so many mothers saying that their child loved books and I kinda felt that Hugo wasn’t so bothered. That day has come though and I’d even go as far as saying that he’s like a little book worm. I think it was after Christmas time really that he started actively choosing books and bringing them to us to read with him. Every night now he points at the books and says ‘book, book’ so we now read at least once a day and more if we have the day off together. All is well.


On a personal note I feel like life is always so busy and hectic these days and I can’t see how things will ever calm down if I’m being honest, I guess this is just motherhood for ya hey?! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all those busy crazy times and I wouldn’t swap my world for anything but I think it’s maybe just making more of a conscious effort to make the most of those few still calm moments in the midst of the beautiful whirlwind that our life is.

I’m not going to lie I do find it tough managing my time between working full time, being a mother, wife, blogger, instagrammer, multi tasker of trying to keep our home under wraps as we try to find a buyer for it, plus all my other commitments to do with church and family. I’m the kind of person who never does anything half-hearted and I always see room for improvement in everything I do, especially the blogging side of things at the moment. There’s so many things I want to write about but oh if time allowed… one day! One aspect that has helped is applying the word ‘no’ more frequently than I ever liked to use it but when I see the benefits of being able to spend more quality time with Ayman and Hugo then I feel happy with my decision. Sometimes you just have to say ‘no’ and own it and that’s ok, isn’t it?!


As many of you will know my beautiful Nan passed away at the age of 91 a couple of weeks ago but I want to dedicate a whole blog post to her soon as she was such a strong role model in my life and I want to be able to look back through my blog at all the pivotal moments in my life, happy and sad. She was definitely a very happy part of my life and so it will make for a lovely read to reminisce all those fabulous times.

I’ll wrap it up now as, although I could write all night, I’m ready to snuggle up with my hubby!

Here are the links to our outfits, my beautiful dress is from the new summer collection from FatFace, it honestly is so lovely to wear… light, swooshy, pretty in design and a flattering fit. FYI it also has an underskirt bit so it’s not see-through :).

Have a fabulous week my darlings and as always thanks for stopping by – you’re amazing and I mean that!

Love Sally