Well hello there over-the-knee boots and hello to bringing the sassy side of this mama out with a hand click to the right and hair flick to the left… sorry, total Destiny’s Child wannabe over here! Being 15 weeks pregnant I’m at that point where yes, I have a pot belly and yes, I am well and truly into my maternity jeans but to any passer-by I just look… well, very bloated or a bit podgy.  It’s one of those where sometimes I think, should I try and blow my stomach out more so I look obviously pregnant or try and hide it with loose fitting clothes to save any questions or thoughts.

When Marks and Spencer contacted me to see if I’d take part in their #inherboots campaign I was so excited at the prospect of collaborating with one of the world’s most prestigious and recognised brands. Reading into it a little more, part of the collaboration was to choose a pair of over-the-knee boots and style them from a daytime look to an evening look. I was a tad apprehensive to say the least as I’ve never worn over-the-knee boots before and thought they were just for the uber fashionistas out there. That being said I was ready for the challenge. I chose outfits from M&S to compliment the boots and off I went to shoot two different looks.

Daytime look

This first outfit is more of a daytime look with a loose fitting tunic jumperbutton up skirt and block heel over the knee boots.

Just quickly while I have you, my heart absolutely melted on two specific occasions this week, one morning after getting ready for work I walked back into my bedroom where Hugo was sat on Ayman’s knee and Hugo greeted me with, ‘So gorgeous Mummy’, literally can you even imagine that?! We both laughed out loud and asked him to repeat it just to make sure our ears had heard right. He knows how to start my day off on the right foot that boy. Secondly this happened this morning after a nice indulgent shower and pamper session; I sat down in my dressing gown and Hugo came over stroked my thigh and said, ‘so soft’… honestly he is hilarious, he knows so many things that I don’t even realise! He brightens up my day a million percent.


Evening look

I chose a floral print shift dress with a gorgeous black leather jacket. The shift dress is now in the sale so if they end up being out of stock they have plenty of other equally pretty shift dresses here. This is my first ever black leather jacket too, I don’t know how I ever lived without it, I absolutely love it whether it be in the day nipping to the park with Hugo, to throw on in the morning for work or for an evening meal out… leather jacket what took us so long to meet?!


Hello there little 15 week bump! I’m starting to feel a little less sick this week which I am so happy about. I’m managing to eat a little more normally rather than guzzling anything that’s remotely carby and salty and I’m finding that little bounce in my step again.


I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this post but I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it and having fun along the way. I’m a newfound over-the-knee boot fan girl so this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be wearing these beauties. It’s not just about the style though as they truly are very comfortable; after wearing them for two whole days on separate occasions I now understand what Insolia means and how I’ll be making sure that my future heels / boots have this. I quote: “Insolia redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability.” Essential for a run-around mum as I ALWAYS opt for comfort these days so it’s so nice to have style and substance all rolled into one. I also love how you can vary the way you wear them as you can push them down a bit for a more slouchy and shorter look too.


I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for stopping by as always :).

Lots of love



This post was sponsored by Marks and Spencer, all thoughts and opinions are my own.