On Hugo’s actual birthday we spent the day together as a family and visited the cutest little place called Windmill Farm where we fed farm animals, played on toy tractors, enjoyed a little train ride, played on the indoor and outdoor play areas and enjoyed cake and tea. The sun was shining all day plus because it was a week day it was so quiet so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! I can’t wait to go back again actually as it was such a great place for kids plus I overcame my fear of getting up close and personal with the likes of sheep, pigs, deer, llamas and goats… very proud mama over here haha!

For his birthday party which was the weekend after his birthday, firstly we hired a sensory play centre for a couple of hours which had three rooms full of different sensory activities like ball pools, slides, tunnels, flashing lights and all sorts of other interactive things. We all enjoyed some party food in the picnic room which my mum had kindly prepared before heading to Formby beach.
It turned out to be such a beautiful day again and the kids just ran into the sea as soon as we set foot on the beach. How they did this I don’t know because the sea was sooooo cold! When I say kids, just so you know I have four nieces and one nephew all over the age of five apart from Jemima who’s 10 weeks older than Hugo. When Hugo saw all his cousins having fun in the sea there was no stopping him; he wriggled his way out of my arms and bulldozed into the freezing sea, bouncing on his knees in excitement! I was just preparing myself because I knew after this there would be 100% chance he’d end up with a cold but what could I do; the boy wanted to be wild and free! Here’s some pics for you to see…
The perfect number 1 t-shirt is from Nor-folk, Fi the owner of Nor-Folk has been a dear Instagram friend from when I first stepped into Motherhood and it’s been amazing to see her journey from a normal Instagram mother and baby feed to her becoming such a successful business woman too. You must visit her feed and see her little cutie son Stanley too.
 Always wanted to be off lapping up the waves!
 My little beach bum
You can see the indentation marks he’s left in the sand from crumping so hard! I was in hysterics watching it and he was having a whale of a time!
My beautiful Mama, Nana to Hugo & also the person who I think Hugo has got his blonde locks from!
Dada and those chunky thighs just like Dada’s
My big sister Laura who’s nearly 20 weeks pregnant! So excited to be an Auntie again!
All changed and warm again in dry clothes! Despite the blue lips and chattering teeth Hugo never did catch a cold thankfully. It was a fabulous fun day out and a perfectly chilled 1st birthday!
FYI my previous blog post is about this kimono which is from Dancing Leopard Clothing, so as you can see I really do love it!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re having a lovely week!
Lots of love

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