There’s no doubt about it; we will look back on 2020 as an unforgettable year! 

We’ve been pushed outside of our comfort zone and had no choice but to lean into the unknown. Yes, we’ve faced painful and difficult situations, but amidst that, we’ve experienced profound joy and happiness.

A huge lesson for me this year has been to surrender, to stop resisting. ⁣

Surrender to what is.⁣

Surrender to this present moment.⁣

Surrender to trusting in the unknown.⁣

Surrender to believing that we’re loved, and everything will work out just as it should.⁣

Surrender to letting go.⁣

Surrender to the bigger picture.⁣

Surrender to needing to control anything apart from my own mental wellbeing.⁣

As the holiday season draws in around us, take a moment to think about what you need to surrender to at the moment? What are you resisting?

Listen to your feelings; they’re telling you something…⁣

The holidays can be filled with so much joy, but they can also be quite stressful. The pressure of finding the perfect gifts, creating precious memories, and pleasing our families can sometimes get a bit much. 

That’s why understanding and listening to our emotions are so important, and it starts by connecting with our mind and body and becoming aware of what’s arising.⁣

I find this exercise particularly helpful at this time of year when we may be triggered more than usual by holiday stress and family get-togethers. 

Take a deep breath, right now.

As you slowly breathe in and out, notice how powerful your thoughts are and how they make you feel inside.

Start by becoming aware of the emotion you’re feeling without judgement. How does your body respond?

Maybe your heart is beating faster, your breathing has become shallow, or you might have a stirring in your tummy or tingling sensations in your hands.

Practising becoming aware of your emotions, by being ‘the observer’ helps you recognise the feeling for what it is, merely an emotion, and in doing so, you can learn to let it go. 

Emotions are feelings, and most will pass within 90 seconds.⁣ 

But, if there’s a repetitive story coming up for you, don’t ignore your inner voice calling you to do the more in-depth healing work around whatever the trigger is to truly set it and you free.⁣

Throughout the Christmas period, whenever you feel your emotions are running out of control. Show yourself self-love by pausing to breathe and do this exercise whenever you need.

Remember, you are not your emotions – let them float through you as light and airy as the clouds in the sky. 

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas beautiful ones. 

All my love, Sally xx