social media pressure sally fazeli

Do you ever feel yourself caught in comparisonitis, or feeling ‘less than’ after scrolling through social media? Perhaps you feel a pressure always to post your best self or an image that will get the most ‘Likes’.  You’re not alone. 

Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel pangs of envy when scrolling through different accounts. Some people seem to have it all – beautiful homes, the most flawless bodies, and the most stress-free lives. After experiencing this myself, now I focus on rising above these triggers and wanted to share what I’ve learned with you.  

The main thing we must remember is that the way we perceive social media comes entirely from inside us. A quote that says it all is, ‘if we change how we look at things, the things we look at will change.’ Creating stories and making assumptions about other people’s lives are something we are all guilty of now and then, especially when scrolling through social media. We can put this energy to much better use! Redirect your energy to focus on what is real in your present. If you feel yourself getting triggered, remove yourself from the situation and reflect. Is it genuine what I am feeling? Will I allow this person online who I don’t know, whose story I don’t know, affect me in this way? Ask yourself where these triggers may be originating from because it will be from somewhere within yourself. 

Here is a list of things we can all remember when we feel triggered: 

  1. Kindness is free; apply compassion to others but, more importantly, be kind to yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. You are fantastic, and you have your own voice and story, no one should make you doubt that.
  2. Everyone’s journey is different; don’t assume that what you see is their truth. The magic of social media is that anyone can represent themselves; however, they like. Focus on your own journey. That is the one that matters. 
  3. Gossiping is toxic; don’t allow yourself to spend energy on gossiping about others. You have many other magical and beautiful things to focus on.
  4. Nothing ever stays the same; just as you transform throughout your life, as do ‘influencers’ online. It might look like they are living the glamorous life, but like everyone, they are evolving, too. 
  5. Alone time is good for the soul; the only one who can control your decisions and emotions is you. If you can find love from within, down to your inner self’s depths, you will be triggered a lot less. Spend time alone. Remind yourself why you’re grateful that you are beautiful and healthy. 

Just like you should surround yourself with people who lift you, also surround yourself with social media accounts that inspire you. Remember, you have control, and social media can be a truly supportive and positive place if you let it. 

All my love, Sally x