Here is my long awaited video on how I do my wavy hair. It’s not necessarily the ‘right’ way or even the easiest… there’s no textbook I guess… it’s just the way I’ve always done it. It usually takes me about 10 minutes so it’s also great for you mums to do while your babe takes a nap… that’s what I normally do anyway as well as a 100 other things! I like it to look like a natural wave rather than curly and also after a nights sleep on it, it often has that beachy dishevelled look too which I’m a fan of.
So here are the items that I use:
Clips for sectioning off the hair
Again you can probably get these items at better prices from other places like Amazon or watch out for those ‘3 for 2’ offers on John Frieda at Boots, that’s when I generally stock up :).
Before I recorded this video I had just washed my hair, ran some of the John Freida mousse through it, particularly at the roots and dried it with a hair dryer. I do sometimes leave it a day before I curl it though as it tends to hold the wave in better. I’m sorry for how cringey I sound at times especially the end where it’s a little cheesy and I want to go and hide under my duvet until I’ve gotten over the embarrassment, I’m really not used to seeing myself on video but I did it for you lovelies!
Just a note as I had to compress the size of the video to upload it on my blog rather than just putting a link to it, so unfortunately it’s affected the quality slightly.
So without further ado here it is…
I just want to thank my lovely friend Christina from Fish2 for filming this for me, you’re an absolute gem and so talented at what you do, I wish you were my full time photographer haha.
The background music is credit to Mike Dignam who is actually my little brother… check out his music here, He’s one talented singer/songwriter!
Please leave any questions if you’re not sure on anything!
Lots of love
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