self discovery sally fazeli

If you’re experiencing fear, anxiety, or stress over an element of your life, this might be your heart’s way of calling on you to rise in some way. Self-discovery can be scary; it’s not easy facing down your emotions or overcoming trauma after all. 

How exactly would you define self-discover? It’s a process that helps us connect with ourselves, accept, and love every aspect of our being, and take on the journey of life. Everyone has a different path that flows at different speeds, but the only one you need to focus on is yours. 

If you’re struggling to find your way through the muddy waters of self-discovery, here are four soul-enhancing practices that I’ve found help remove barriers and create transformative mindset shifts. Be brave; you’ve got this. 

Just start

My first piece of advice; just start. No matter the amount of fear, of doubt, or pain, just begin. Starting is the only way of getting anywhere. If you have a goal but the fear is holding you back, embrace the fear, accept the fear, but then move past it and allow yourself to start. Love the fear, then ‘fluff’ the fear. 

Listen to your heart

Self-discovery is a continuous path, and there is no final destination as we are continually transforming. Transformation is a challenge within itself, but listening to your heart will allow your wings to open wide and let you soar. The heart’s enemies are ego, experience, reason, and pride, but it’s your choice which one will have the loudest voice. I have learned that the heart has the purest intentions for your life path, as long as you allow it to speak up.

Find your life purpose through soul work

Part of self-discovery is realising that we are all here on earth for a unique reason to fulfill our calling. This may not be clear from the beginning due to many blockages but, I promise you, if you fight through them, it will be revealed to you. By doing some in-depth soul work, you should be able to identify the blockage, accept the fear, and then move on in your journey. 

I recommend spending time with yourself by just breathing, writing down your thoughts in a journal, meditating, and letting your mind truly relax, and those are just a few examples. Take it day by day and find out what works the best for you, which practice provides you with the most profound connection with yourself. The real goal of soul work is to connect with yourself again. Be patient; it’s a process.  

Focus on the relationship with yourself 

You and your relationship with yourself are the core of everything; your emotions, decisions, and outcomes. Do not force things, your purpose is within you, and it will come out and become apparent at the right time. Once you know your inner self, and love it at a deeper level, you will open up to many more possibilities, leading you in the right direction. Nurture this relationship, and you will be surprised by what will fall onto your path. 

All my love, Sally x