It’s now less than two weeks until Christmas and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet, I know, it’s been my worst gift-buying record to date. However I thought I mustn’t be the only one out there… so if you’re like me – or even if you’re very nearly there with the whole present buying tick list – then this post will still be worth a read as I share a few of my personal faves from Radley London. I feel really frustrated at myself though as I’ve always thought Radley was a brand a bit out of my league or associated with just dog lovers BUT I am definitely a new-found fan over here… I adore their leather goods and of course their gorgeous little scottie dog too. They have so many simple and stylish bags and accessories that you would definitely use and benefit from in your everyday life.

So without further ado lets delve a little deeper into my Radley Christmas wish list:

1: Bags, bags and more bags, a girl can never have too many!

Medium Drawstring Cross Body Bag
It’s a design collaboration between Radley London and British fashion designer Jonathan Saunders.

What do I love about this bag?

The black and white colour combo with that touch of dusky pink.
It has a matching dusky pink pocket purse that’s attached inside, which you can see on the link above.
It’s premium leather and feels lovely.
It goes with my entire wardrobe. Amen.
The design is sleek, minimal and a perfect size for your everyday handbag.

Just want to squeeze in a little shout out to my amazing ‘Instagram Husband’ Ayman, he’s generally always the one behind the lens taking all these snaps of Hugo and me and I honestly appreciate all his love and support always and especially his improved photography skills 😉 Haha! I don’t know if you’ve watched it this week but there’s a YouTube video going viral about ‘Instagram Husbands’ this also applies to best friends and boyfriends too so you must give it a watch here – absolutely hilarious!! 

2: More Bags

Midnight Millbank or Midnight Bow Street

I fell in love with both these bags each at separate times, mostly because of their colour and simple designs. I first came across them both at the Radley Christmas Blogging event last week and I literally spotted them, picked them up, and took a selfie so I could swoon over them when I got home and see how good they looked with my outfit. Ultimately, it resulted in me having to buy them and I could justify it by how many outfits they would compliment perfectly 🙂 Plus the Millbank design is now in the sale and you can never feel guilty for buying something reduced, can you?

Why do I love them?

Because they’re the most gorgeous shade of midnight blue and I think it would look fab layered up with my grey oversized coat that I’m living in at the moment.
It’s plain, simple and sophisticated.
The inner compartments are great for organising and I like the option of the long strap and ‘grab bag’ handles too.

3: Clutch bag

Dean Street

Tis’ the season to party whether you’re a mum or not and out comes the little clutches to go with those LBD’s. This one is great as you can opt for the clutch or for the longer strap to fit over your shoulder. I don’t know about you but my ‘going out’ bags tend to not have the best compartments in them with everything just jangling around in there whereas this one looks like it’s got some perfect little places to keep your cards and mobile safe on those occasional droppings of the bag when you may have had one too many (hand over eyes monkey emoji). Also the black colour option goes with anything so you’ll be all set to go with this.

4: Large Zip Matinee Purse

De Bouvoir – Taupe

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new purse? It’s the one thing I always seem to forget about and stick to the same old purse I’ve had for years. How refreshing is it though when you have a good old spring clean with your old purse and get rid of all those receipts that have been squashed in there, put all that loose shrapnel in your piggy bank and condensed all the loyalty cards to the one’s you actually use? I’ve done just this and decided to go for my usual plain and simple purse and I can’t tell you how lovely it feels to have a new purse all clean and pristine on the inside as it is on the outside… you use a purse everyday so make sure it’s one that you love :).

5: Umbrella

Downtown Mini Telescopic Umbrella

I don’t have a nice umbrella and all my brollies (as we say in England) seem to turn inside out and have prongs pointing in every other direction than they should so I figured investing in a reliable and beautifully patterned umbrella like this telescopic one would be perfect and far better than the dozens of cheap buys that have let me down over the years. I also think it’s the perfect fashion accessory to have and will add that little extra to any outfit on a dreary and drizzly day too :). If you’re really worried about the strength of an umbrella though I’d say out of their whole collection the Fleet Street umbrella looks the strongest and would probably protect you the best from even the worst wintery weather.

6: Mugs

Downtown Mug Stacking Duo

At the end of a hard day at work, you can’t beat that feeling of snuggling up on the sofa with a hot brew and your fleecy pyjamas on. This was new to me but Radley make mugs! As my hubby is just as much a hot drink lover with coffee being his preferred choice, I would choose these two stacking mugs so that he can be green and I can be red :). I can picture us both now just relaxing on the sofa with a mug each in hand about to watch the latest Homeland episode when suddenly a cry erupts from upstairs where Hugo has other plans!

7. Slippers

Playful Scribble Dog Mule Slippers

To finish off my Christmas wish list I’m ending on a good solid pair of slippers because it feels so good after you’ve been on your feet all day to slip your feet into something so snuggly and warm. I have and always will be an avid slipper wearer; without fail a new pair of slippers are always on my Christmas list every year. You’ve got to keep those toes toasty so I’m hoping Santa will read this and pop a pair of these fluffy lined slippers on the list.

So there you have it, I know there’s so many gift guide posts flying around at the moment but I hope I’ve sparked a few ideas for yourself or a friend.

Before you go meet Bonnie the Radley dog, she was so cute and such a good little girl (probably because she knew she’d get a sausage hehe).

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you’re all enjoying this festive season so far!
Lots of love

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