Me- Grey tee : Primark || White shirt : H&M || Leather look skinnies : River Island || Sandals : M&S || Hat : Topshop
Hugo- Moccasins : Moccs For Tots || ‘Fresh’ top : Little Urban Apparel || Leggings : Cissy Wears || Hat : George Hats

This Fedora Hat has possibly been one of my best buys EVER and has been my saviour on those days where I just didn’t have time to wash my hair or for when it’s feeling a bit drab and boring. I’ve always been into hats but my problem was that I never actually used them, however it’s safe to say I have worn this hat numerous times and I think it’s officially turned me into a hat lover now. Not only that, I think it can add a bit more style to what can be just a simple and plain outfit. There’s so many gorgeous autumnal colours hitting the shops now so you won’t be able to miss them, here’s a link to some from Topshop!

On a similar note, how cute and uber cool is Hugo’s hat from George Hats?! I had my reservations about saying yes to him being sent a hat because whenever I’ve tried in the past it’s literally stayed on for a matter of seconds. I don’t know if it’s the cute little pom pom on this one but 9 times out of 10 he actually keeps it on and doesn’t try to whip it off and chuck it over the side of his pram. I think he’s also come to realise that it has a purpose other than to annoy him and actually keeps the sun out of his eyes. So yeh we’re growing in more ways than one over here.

I actually forgot about these pics as they were taken about 6 weeks ago but I thought Hugo looked too cute not to share!

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Love Sally

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