This all looks too yummy for it to be healthy doesn’t it?
But it is! As it’s only made with protein powder, two eggs, half a banana and a dash of milk.
The reason why I’ve been obsessed with making these bad boys recently is because I’m coeliac and so I can’t eat anything containing gluten. Needless to say, that makes it a real treat to be able to eat things like this. Since discovering how easy and quick they are to make, these gluten free protein pancakes have fast become my new best friends.

OK, so here’s how to make them…


One scoop of protein powder (I used the one in the picture below which is a vanilla protein powder)
2 eggs (I used normal sized, free range)
Banana (I used half because Hugo ate the other half after demanding ‘nana’ for half an hour and it was the last banana so hey ho). Just a note I have made these again since without any banana and they’ve been just as delicious, so it isn’t a necessity.
A dash of milk and by dash I mean a quick half-second drop, and that’ll be enough. The pancake mix needs to have a certain thickness and not too runny.Then blend or whisk… (I used my Nutribullet which is great for no faff) and that’s it! No weighing scales necessary 🙂

I bought some pancake rings from Amazon here only £3.99 for two and they’re great, non stick and can use them for eggs and other things too :). FYI I bought two sets but can only fit three properly in the pan.

The protein pancake process…

I used a frying pan and heated a teaspoon of coconut oil in the pan until it was really hot.
Then put the rings in the pan for half a minute or so to heat up.
Pour the mixture into the rings just be careful how much you pour as you don’t wan’t them too thick as they’ll just end up burnt on the outside and not cooked in the middle.
Heat for a few minutes on one side until you start to see the little air pockets show. That’s when it’s a good time to flip.
I lifted off the rings as the pancakes were already set in the round shape and used a spatula to flip them over.
Cook for a minute or two on the other side and then stack on a plate ready to decorate!

To decorate

For a healthly option:
I used natural greek yoghurt, blueberries and strawberries and drizzled honey all over. Honestly so delicious!!
For the naughty option:
Ever tried crunchy peanut butter and nutella, let that melt on the pancakes and then add a dollop of ice-cream, yep seriously you need to try that!
So there you have it, super easy, super quick, hardly any mess and the most delicious healthy pancakes you’ll ever have! Also without intention I’ve just realised it’s Pancake Day also known as Shrove Tuesday this Tuesday 9th Feb so even more reason to try them out and definitely have the naughty option too hehe :).
I hope you enjoy them as much as me!

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