So Hugo & his gorgeous little baby butt has been helping to launch the new limited edition ‘gentle giants’ gPants over on Instagram today. They’re so easy to use and the inserts are 100% bio-degradable which goes hand-in-hand with their ethos ‘happy baby, happy planet’… don’t you just love that!

Here’s the blurb about why these limited edition gPants are truly amazing in more ways than one:

gNappies have teamed up with Christy Turlington Burns’ charity Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, to create these adorable gPants. The mama and baby elephant is the perfect print to showcase the special bond between mother and child and create more awareness about maternal health issues around the world.
gNappies will donate 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of gentle giants gPants to Every Mother Counts.
Such a fantastic cause & how generous to donate 50% of the net proceeds, I really hope it makes such a huge difference to ‘Every Mother Counts Charity’ & the work they do & will do because of this. If you’re interested in reading more or even trying some out yourself then please click the link here. One of the other reasons I love gNappies is because they’re super stylish & there are so many other designs & colours you can choose from… this will be Hugo’s third pair & my fave because of the connection between mother & child on the print. Gosh I’m getting soppy in my old age (hands over eyes emoji).
Thanks for stopping by & if anything I hope this gives you food for thought or even encourages you to broaden your horizons in the nappy buying :).
Lots of love
Sally & Hugo

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