When Gandys asked me to help raise awareness of their Foundation, I only had to take a quick glance at what they were doing before immediately jumping at the chance. The fact that they make the most beautiful travel-inspired apparel was a complete bonus on top of the incredible work that they’re doing.

Introducing Gandys…

First, let me introduce you quickly to the founders of Gandys – brothers Rob (left) and Paul (right)

Rob and Paul tragically lost their parents in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. I remember it like it was yesterday and can’t believe that it’s almost 12 years; Ayman and I have watched a number of documentaries on it so we knew to some extent the damage and unfathomable loss that hundreds of thousands of people had suffered from the disaster. Rob and Paul’s parents were avid travelers which was instilled into them at a young age and to this day they continue to wanderlust whilst making a real difference along the way.


In 2012, Rob & Paul founded Gandys to help support their ‘Orphans for Orphans’ charitable foundation. The initiative sees 10% of all Gandys profits go straight into Orphans for Orphans funding – helping underprivileged children have access to education, medication and nutrition – how amazing is that?

Nothing makes my heart swell more than causes related to children. I just imagine my little Hugo and how helpless he would be without his family around him and when I think that there are people out there like Rob and Paul giving love to the motherless and fatherless, to me there is no greater gift. For those children to feel loved, wanted and appreciated gives them self worth and their place in this world.

They have done so much incredible work already which I truly believe is just the beginning for this heartwarming initiative but please read more here as I cannot describe it any better than they have already. You’ll be blown away with the work they are doing and the milestones they’ve already achieved.


‘Everyone deserves a hug and to be loved’.


What do Gandys offer?

In the words of Rob and Paul; Gandys is a ‘fashion destination for travelers of the world’.

In a nutshell, they offer beautiful beach accessories including round beach towels like the one I have above, flip flops, bags, backpacks, swim shorts and they’ve also written a book called ‘Tsunami Kids’.

I have the gorgeous blue and white ‘Bohemian Mandala Hand Dyed Round Towel‘ and the ‘Bohemian Mandala Flip Flops‘.

All of Gandys’ designs are inspired from different places around the world and, because of that, they possess real cultural authenticity such as intricate Moroccan patterns or classically distressed and worn styles emanating from Bali.

I chose the blue and white Mandala collection because I love the contrast of these two patterned colours together and I absolutely adore how the towel is finished with tassels for that true boho vibe. As there aren’t as many circle towels out there on the market – and certainly few of this style and substance – they feel really unique and they’re certainly a head-turner on the beach; you can’t help but notice them!


I love the way he has hold of my face in this pic, there’s nothing more beautiful than a child’s touch.


That face. Seriously.

So to really put our Gandys accessories to good use, we rocked up on Formby Beach for a few hours on what happened to be one of the hottest days of the year so far, so we obviously had to enjoy a little paddle in the sea too.


I’m grabbing all the kissing photos I can get until the inevitable day comes where he might say ‘No’ :(.


Sandy baby toes in the prettiest of flip flops.

We had such a lovely afternoon and although it felt like the whole of England’s north-west had the same idea of heading to the beach (a 40 minute journey took over two hours!), it was worth it even for these photos which I’ll always treasure.

We managed to climb up the sand dunes away from the crowds and found our own private little spot where we enjoyed the rest of our picnic together (we ate most of it in the car on the way as we were too hungry to wait haha). Hugo enjoyed making sand castles and splashing in the sea and I enjoyed watching him be free, silly and wild with the biggest smile beaming from his face.

Being beside the sea really does do something good for the soul.

To finish I really hope you make a little time to check out what Gandys are doing here; even the Royal family are behind them! They’re a fantastic team of people with big hearts and A LOT of determination to make a difference and I’m so excited about what the future holds for all those beautiful children they’ll be changing the lives of.

Before I finish, I just want to leave you with this. It’s a message to Ayman and I from an American called Stuart Breisch who also suffered personal tragedy in the Tsunami, losing his 15-year-old daughter Kali. Six years ago we wrote to Stu having watched the ‘Tsunami – Caught On Camera’ documentary that was aired in the UK, and this was his reply. His prophetic words touched us deeply and are something we can all carry forward with us.


Thanks so much for stopping by, I honestly really appreciate every person who takes time to see this little space of mine.

Have a great rest of the week my darlings.

Big hugs,