Holiday booked, packing done, but then dun dun dun… reality sets in and it dawns on me I have two ‘Under 4s’ to entertain for the duration of the flight… including one wriggly infant strapped to my waist. I never really had a sense of dread when it came to travelling with just Hugo as he was easily entertained with the iPad or Kindle or I knew if all else fails, I could keep him awake before the flight and he’ll definitely fall asleep on the plane. He can sleep absolutely anywhere.

Remy isn’t like this though. He’s not like this at all. He refuses to be hoodwinked by electronic devices for more than five minutes; instead, he’d much rather be on his feet up and down the aisles with me or Ayman sheepishly chasing after him. He pretty much never falls asleep in other places that aren’t his cot or car seat even if he is super tired. I love him to bits but he’s a right handful!

I’m trying to not let this put us off going on holiday – especially to places further afield – but at the moment, if I’m being honest, it does a little, I’d rather keep to places with a maximum flight time of three hours.

Before we went to France a month ago, I popped a post up on Instagram asking for recommendations to keep babies and toddlers entertained on a flight and I was flooded with so many amazing recommendations that I had to share.

So here it is, these are your recommendations. I’ve tried to put links on everything but literally just used Amazon to keep things easier but you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. Some answers were very similar so hopefully the ones I’ve included below are all different and offer some great tips that might work for you:

Wow what an amazing list!! Thank you to everyone for all your fabulous ideas, I know they definitely helped me prepare for our recent travels to France even though the flights were only 1hr 40mins each way.

After reading some of these I popped a little shopping basket full on Amazon and hoped I’d opted for the right things for my boys.

Other things that I’d personally recommend are:

  • Snacks, snacks, snacks and more snacks! If your children are anything like mine, eating keeps them super happy and content. I took some Bear Nibbles fruit yo-yos, Pom Bears, Quavers and other small packets of nibbles that takes them longer to eat with as minimal mess as possible.
  • We took the Amazon Fire Kids tablet for Hugo too.
  • Loaded the iPad for Remy with downloads from CBeebies and fun apps for babies / toddlers, sometimes this is the only thing that works and gives us adults a bit of breathing space.
  • We took a mini money toy chest and filled it with treasure and odd bits like cars, animals, coins etc. I have to say I think this was Remy’s favourite activity putting the money through the slot, opening the lid and doing it all over again. This isn’t the one we have but it’s something like this. One of these here might be good as an option too.
  • We took books and bought some kids magazines for Hugo at the airport too which he had fun choosing.

I really hope you have found all these ideas useful and if you have anything to add then please leave in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for stopping by and if you are travelling with a baby or toddler soon, then I wish you safe and happy travels, you’ve got this!

Lots of love