This was our stunning view on the walk from the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa down to the beach – the views were just spectacular!

We holidayed here at the Bedruthan in a beautiful part of Cornwall called Mawgan Porth at the end of June, our first holiday as a family of four. It was just our luck that we happened to pick the rainiest week of the year so far… it was relentless morning, day and night. I can’t lie and say it didn’t affect our holiday because, in a way, it did as we couldn’t make everyday use out of all the wonderful outdoor facilities the hotel offered and had to make alternative indoor plans instead. Thankfully there was still lots to keep us occupied inside but there’s nothing quite like sun, sea and sand is there?

Despite all this we focused on the most important thing and that was being all together as a family for five whole days in a beautiful place.


I hope you enjoyed watching 🙂

Our bedroom was fully equipped for us as a family with a kiddie bed for Hugo, a cot for Remy and a bouncer chair. We also requested a steriliser too and a child’s toilet seat as we were in the middle of potty training Hugo.

They even have prams, wellies and umbrellas for you should you need them down at reception. It’s so great knowing how equipped they are for families which makes everything about your stay that little bit more relaxing – not too mention less stressful knowing we didn’t have to bring all this bulky stuff with us. Our room had a stunning sea view; opening the curtains each morning to see the waves lapping on the shore was a lovely feeling.

Day One

On our first day Ayman and I dropped the kids off at their two-hour childcare session and we headed down to enjoy our Sensory Spa Garden journey. It’s an experience that invigorates all your senses inspired by fire, earth, water, air and space and leaves you feeling every bit relaxed, detoxed and loved up :). Think salt scrubs, saunas and outdoor hot tubs. It’s not just for couples by the way as we saw friends doing it together and even mother and son – such a lush experience for everyone!

After we finished our cup of herbal tea with our feet bathing in warm copper baths by the fire pits it was time to head back to pick up our little cherubs. They had a great time at childcare and were beaming with smiles when we saw them, the staff were so lovely, you could tell that they all had a genuine passion for working with children and were so enthusiastic!

As part of your stay at the Bedruthan every family gets two hours of complimentary childcare a day which is fab. We actually only used it that once though as we were too busy doing things with the kids to be without them haha.

Can you believe it but this is our only family pic of us all together on the holiday so I had to include it hehe. This was us enjoying some time in their indoor pool – Hugo’s face says it all and it was Remy’s first time in a swimming pool. You see more of this in the video :).

The Food

The food was AMAZING – the finest quality and always so beautifully presented with a brilliant range of choices for breakfast and dinner. Honestly, it was exquisite. Everything is locally sourced so you get to taste a bit of Cornish heaven with every mouthful. Ayman and I looked forward to the specials board every evening but were equally impressed with the regular a la carte menu too.  Also, I have coeliac disease and I still had so many yummy options to choose from and all absolutely delicious!

I have to mention their homemade cookies because, well, my mouth is watering now just thinking about them… gooey in the middle with chocolate chunks in them and the perfect amount of crunch around the edges. It became our thing everyday to all go and have a cookie mid-morning, I’m not even joking I sometimes had to eat two as I just couldn’t stop. Sorry I could totally write a whole blog post on them haha. A definite must to try if you go to the Bedruthan!

They have a few areas where you can eat but the main places are The Herring restaurant (generally adults only or children over a certain age) and The Wild Cafe – we ate at the latter everyday because at least we would feel comfortable if one of ours started being loud or rebellious. Both beautiful restaurants with colourful Scandinavian design and the service was always exceptional and the best thing was; it’s really equipped for families. High chairs, bumper seats and bouncers for babies and they even had all children’s cutlery and bibs etc too so you literally don’t need to remember a thing as they have everything covered! All with beautiful sea views too.

Things to do at the hotel:


  • Softplay centre
  • Indoor pool
  • Table tennis, snooker, games room
  • Cinema room
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Eat & drink


  • Choice of three beautiful pools (the small pool is solar heated so great for small children)
  • Football pitch
  • Trampoline
  • Large outdoor play area
  • Tennis
  • Eat & Drink
  • Thermal spa garden
  • Beach is a stone’s throw away

All these pics were taken on the last day where the sun finally came out and the rain stopped YAY!!!! In the morning, Hugo actually said ‘has it stopped raining now Mummy?’ bless him. So we did 101 things to make up for some lost time.

Look how happy Hugo is in the pool! Unfortunately we only managed a sneaky ten minutes in there until we were ushered out oops, we didn’t realise it was actually closed for the day due to a wedding in the pool area so we walked down to the beach straight after this.

Flattering Tankini Swimsuit – great for the post-partum tum 🙂

Had to get a quick snap of these colourful sun loungers before we left though – of course!

Mawgan Porth beach


Hugo looks like a little desert island boy in this pic hehe.

Our ‘boho vibe’ outfits for our beach visit were all from a lovely independent clothes store that I absolutely adore called Little Creative Factory.

Why does sea air make you want to sleep so much? Remy every night slept six hours straight, I wish I could bottle the air up and infuse it into our room haha.

Traveling around Cornwall

We decided to forget the 7 – 8 hour drive to Cornwall and opted for a 45 minute flight instead and rented a car whilst we were there. It was actually a lot less hassle than I thought as we took both car seats for the kids and the airport was literally 5-10 minutes from the hotel – perfect.

Vaya I-Size car seat

Hugo’s been trialling out the new Vaya I-Size car seat which is suitable from birth up to aprox 4 years old. It’s been absolutely fantastic as it has so many extra safety mechanisms to ensure the complete protection of your child. It rotates 360 degrees so you can seat them forward or rear facing. Another benefit of this and total game changer is how easy it makes getting a toddler in and out of the car! Once you’ve tried a car seat like this you’ll never go back.

The recline feature is better than on our previous car seat as his head looks fully supported instead of lolling forwards when he sleeps – fab for long car journeys.

The little part that you can see sticking out on the right side (on the pic below) is the linear side impact protection system that increases the level of protection if involved in a side on collision. I’ve never seen this before on a car seat so it’s always comforting to know that it features the latest tried and tested technology to keep your child as safe as possible.

The design of it makes it really easy to use and change as and when you need to adjust the features to keep it the safest and comfiest seat for your child as they grow. Feel free to read up on it in more detail over on their website HERE where you can also see why it’s won awards already!

Other places to visit when in Cornwall

I have written a couple of guest blog posts for Monsoon… one on where to visit in Cornwall which you can read here and the other on what I wore whilst holidaying in this beautiful part of the world here.


A pretty little fisherman’s town with multi-coloured pastel walls. In Padstow you won’t be short of yummy fish n chip shops; we of course had to visit the famous Rick Stein’s chippy, ice-cream parlours, bakeries and quaint local independent shops offering the very best handmade Cornish delights.

This dress is from Monsoon here it’s now half price too!!

The Eden Project

It boasts two jaw-dropping ‘biomes’ which I can only describe as giant bubble domes… one gives you a taster of what it’d be like in rainforests from around the world and the other gives you a little slice of Mediterranean paradise with my favourite bougainvillea flowers cascading down everywhere! You can eat, drink, play in lots of different places at the Eden Project and can easily spend more than a day there.

Once you’ve bought your ticket, it’s valid for a whole year so it’s great value if you think you will use it more than once – we certainly would if we lived nearer. One tip if you do visit here, wear light clothing especially when roaming around the Tropical Rainforest Biome as the heat and humidity in that place is really something haha. You can see how hot and sweaty we all got in my video! Ayman said he wouldn’t have worn a grey t-shirt if he knew what he knew now!



Watergate Bay

You can imagine how popular this beach would be when the sun comes out – such stunning views and just look at those clifftops for a backdrop! If you stop by here you won’t be short of places to eat either at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen or The Beach Hut… both with stunning sea views. If the heavens open, the hotel there has an indoor play area for children so rest assured you’ll be able to keep them entertained.


Here’s the link to my video again incase you missed it at the top 🙂

To finish I just want to thank the Bedruthan Hotel & Spa for such a fantastic stay, I honestly couldn’t fault it! I would absolutely LOVE to go back and hopefully enjoy a stay with less rain – fingers crossed for the future.

If you have any questions about anywhere I visited or anything else then please feel free to share in the comments and also if you have any recommendations for others to visit who may read this post – all welcome! Cornwall is such a wonderful place for a UK break and for young families there are very few places to compete with it if you’re considering a ‘staycation’ rather than heading abroad.

Have a great week!

Lots of love



Our holiday was a gift from the Bedruthan Hotel & Spa but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I would absolutely holiday here again in a heartbeat! Such a beautiful part of the world. I only blog about brands/places that I truly connect with and would legitimately recommend to others.