Sally Fazeli Pre-Natal Yoga Pregnancy

The female body is blooming amazing!

The things I’ve learned recently about birthing a baby has completely blown my mind. 

You’d think after having two children I’d know everything I need to know. But the truth is, I followed what society told me about birth, what I saw in films, and what I heard from other women who often heavily focused on their pain stories. ⁣

I was uneducated, and I thought I’d see what happened on the day. 

I didn’t know or understand my own power, strength and intuitive wisdom back then. How we’re capable of rewiring our mind to be aligned with what our bodies are designed to do.⁣

Now I know better, I’m understanding more and more every day and learning to trust this amazing body of mine. To speak her truth rather than let the fear that I’ve learnt and absorbed along the way keep me down.⁣

I’m taking time to prepare and prime my mind, body and soul for this journey because remembering the quote from Maya Angelou…

When you know better, you do better.”

My body and my baby know what to do

Twice when I was in labour, I went to the birthing centre at the hospital only for my body to completely stop having contractions. 

I felt fear and panic as they told me to go home saying “I’m not in labour”. 

If only they had seen me back at my house!

Sure enough both times I returned home,  my labour reignited with force straight away.

I know why this happened now, but for ages, I thought there was something wrong with me, I was embarrassed and didn’t realise the power of the mind in bringing about the birth that was right for my babies and me. 

Now I recognise that being in the comfort of my own home is where I feel safest and most secure. 

Where I can be left to let my body and baby guide me and do what it’s created to do.

As I draw nearer to my third child’s birth, I am much more conscious of creating the birth I desire. I know my choices, I know my rights, and it’s now time to voice this with confidence (this feels like the scary part, but I know I’m strong enough).

I feel fortunate to be experiencing this third-time around, and I’m praying that this will be the most healing and empowering birth of all three.

It’s occurred to me that I’ve already been strengthening my muscle of empowerment over the past two years in all my self-love practices and in my work helping other women do the same. It’s all completely intrinsically linked and interwoven.⁣

Now, I can use these very same practices to prepare myself for an empowered birth, make informed decisions and know that I have the power to decide what I want.⁣

Pregnancy empowerment ✨⁣

Sally Fazeli Empowered Pregnancy

Did you know that at the end of 2020, I completed my prenatal yoga and Doula qualification? Now I’m fully qualified to support and guide you (mind, body, and soul) through your journey of pregnancy and beyond.  

I learned SO MUCH, and it feels like now is the time to share everything with you to rise in pregnancy as we do in life. 

How amazing would it be to co-create together a wave of conscious, educated females who know exactly what their bodies are capable of and who trust in their own amazing intuitive wisdom??  

Behind the scenes (between pregnancy naps and caring for two toddlers!) I’ve been busy creating videos ranging from prenatal yoga flows, dancing with your bump, meditations, breath-work and so much more! 

I’m pouring all of my personal experience, and learning into a course called “Empower Your Pregnancy”. 

I can’t wait to celebrate when it all finally launches because being empowered in your pregnancy is so so important. I’m so passionate about this and know that whatever birth you opt for can be an empowered and beautiful journey and experience. ❤️

So, watch this space! The countdown for the launch of ‘Empower Your Pregnancy’ starts now!