Being an active mum and finding your own sense of style can be a real conundrum.

Some days you might be dashing around a supermarket; running, jumping and diving around in a soft play centre, or just the usual of being on your hands and knees building bricks and piecing jigsaws together at home.

Can you imagine doing all that in a dress and heels?

Nope. Neither can I.

I basically live for comfort these days, especially on days when I have both the boys. I love being able to really interact and play with them without feeling restricted in what I’m wearing. It is pretty important to me, however, that I still retain that sense of style reflecting who I am. It makes me feel happier and more confident when I like what I’m wearing and so that’s always a huge factor for me when I’m out shopping.

The odd time I do go clothes shopping, I’ll often look at items and a few questions quickly flick through my mind… is it practical, is it comfy, will I actually choose to wear this over my other usual go-tos and does it always need ironing? Is that last one just me being lazy? I prefer the phrase ‘practical’, ha.

Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love dressing up and putting my heels on but at this time in my life I feel like the occasions to wear that kind of thing are few and far between. (I need to get working on those date nights with Ayman… as promised in point no.2, here)

The time has come where we’re transitioning into Spring… it’s popping up more and more on my Instagram feed and it’s hard not to become excited by this change of scenery where the darling buds start to blossom and the cute Spring lambs start frolicking across the fields. It’s one of my favourite times of year and even more special now that Remy was born in Spring :).

There’s something about this time of year that – without fail every year – creates an urge to want to go out and spend a few pennies on some new fresh items to try revamp my Spring wardrobe a little. Now you all know that I love a good chunky knit in the Winter but actually when the weather starts warming up I do feel ready to slip into something a little lighter and brighter.

For the purpose of this edit I wanted to share with you a few key pieces I chose to style together from the classic clothing company White Stuff.

I chose one of their beautiful and timeless shirts and styled it with three different denim pieces because – after all – I basically live in denim. I’ve focused on pieces that I’d be confident in wearing whether I’m out having a play date with my boys or if I was going solo and catching up with a girl friend; they’re really versatile pieces that are classic, comfy and reflect that kind of ‘effortless chic’ look.

So here they are:

Introducing you to the Finch Print Shirt... wear it buttoned up for that slightly more classic and prim look or left casually opened for a more relaxed style. I enjoyed wearing it both ways to be honest but perhaps I’m slightly more of a relaxed and playful kinda gal. The flecks of burnt orange are the perfect subtle pop of colour for me and it has the most stunning delicate print of the finch bird to give it that lovely vintage feel.

First Look

In these photos I styled the Finch Print Shirt with the Willow Skinny Jean. An essential wardrobe piece that can be worn so easily for different occasions dressing up or down. I seriously could live in skinny jeans!

This outfit teamed with Superga Lace Up trainers is my typical Spring throw-on ensemble that requires no effort at all but looks consistently timeless. Even Kate Middleton wears Superga trainers and she is the definition of looking beautifully classic and understated.


Second Look

Introducing you to the Boyfriend Carpenter Dungaree.

There’s something about dungarees that bring out the spirited side in me… they’re just so fun to wear! If you don’t own a pair of dungarees already I urge you to try a pair because they’re not only super comfy to wear but they’re a great piece to transition you through all the seasons. For Spring I’d wear them with a shirt like you can see in the photos or for that time-honoured dungaree look, I’d team them with a beautiful breton top too which you can find here.

These fit really nicely but if you’re wondering which size to go for I’d perhaps opt for a size down as they have ample space around the waist.

Third Look

We often experience some of our most gorgeous British weather in Spring – I got married several years ago in late March and it was ridiculously warm and sunny – and so it’s the perfect excuse to just go for it and let those pins soak up some Vitamin D. If you ever feel a little conscious going bare legged like I do, I just spend a couple of minutes making sure I’ve shaved, pop on some instant fake tan and you’re ready to go, it honestly makes me feel so much better and means I can enjoy and feel confident wearing skirts. The Carpenter Denim Skirt is made from super-soft material and has a flattering knee-length fit, the perfect piece to add a little more femininity to your Spring wardrobe!

Also a quick note if you’re in-between sizes I would go for the smaller size in this skirt as it’s quite a generous fit :).

Ginny Suede Tote Bag is the perfect colour and design to complement all these looks. It’s incredibly soft and slouchy and has sufficient space for everything I need and more whether I’m with the boys or not. The gorgeous taupe colour with the contrast of dark brown leather handles means it pretty much complements anything you’re wearing. You’re totally winning with this piece!

So there you have it… three simple but stylish looks to help bring that bounce back into your stride again and to gear up for Spring. Now please Blighty, bring on the sunshine and those gorgeous longer days!

Thank you to my beautiful friend Ema for helping me out with doing all the photography behind these images.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks so much for stopping by!

Much love




I’m proud to say this post was kindly sponsored by WhiteStuff. As ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only blog about brands, products and services that I truly connect with, would genuinely use, and would legitimately recommend to others.