S-  Diamond necklace : Diamanti Per Tutti || Sandals : M&S || Skinnies : Topshop || Jumper : H&M || Vest : Warehouse
H- Sleep wear : Baby Mori
Many of you probably don’t know this about me but I work in my family jewellery business as an Area Manager. As well as looking after our stores, I have been working hard on our online jewellery store too but I’ll reveal more soon when our new website launches (hopefully in September) I’m so excited to share it with you! Over the years because of this my love for jewellery has grown stronger by the day and I’ve become a little obsessed with discovering new independent labels that are yet to break into the mainstream.
Today I want to share with you Diamanti Per Tutti… we started an online friendship via Instagram only a few months ago & I knew as soon as I saw their brand that they were my kinda style… simple, chic but with a touch of edginess plus they have that added bit of sparkle. By sparkle I don’t mean cubic zirconia, I’m talking real diamonds! And yes they are my best friend before you ask. They come with their own diamond certificate too so you know they’re authentic. You can check out the rest of their geometric Himmeli collection here or if that isn’t your style, they have plenty of other collections that just might tickle your fancy. Stephanie, the designer of this particular range that I’m wearing, is so beautiful and has been a huge inspiration to me as she’s shown how as a Mother you can still be ambitious and driven both in your career as well as in your home life – thank you Steph!
I’d absolutely love to hear if you know of any other jewellery brands that you think I should check out for our online store or just for my own personal wear hehe, I don’t mind either!
I’ll be talking more about my babe soon but until then have a great one!
Lots of love
Sally xxx
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